All There Is To Say

Now I lay me down to sleep,
One less terrorist this world does keep.
With all my heart I give my thanks
To those in uniform regardless of their rank.
You serve our country and serve it well,
With humble hearts your stories tell.
So as I rest my weary eyes,
While freedom rings our flag still flies,
You give your all, do what you must
With God we live and In God we trust.

Thank you to all of our military and first responders for the hard work you do every day so that we can hold fast to our freedom, safety, and peace of mind. We thank you, today and every day, for your tremendous sacrifice and willingness to defend and protect our country. Without you, all the lives lost just ten short years ago would be lost in vain. Thank you for fighting for justice on their behalf. What an amazing privilege it is to live in this country and to be married to one of America's own soldiers.

"Although the terrorists destroyed concrete and steel they failed to extinguish the American spirit." - First Responder Michael McCormack


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