Friday Confessional

Happy Friday, Blog Land!
It's so nice to have Fridays off. I enjoy having a day to myself to clean and do laundry and blog. :)
I also love that Friday is Confession Day over at Dandelion Wishes!


I confess...That I'm super excited to participate in Clean Mama's 31 Days To A Cleaning Routine throughout the month of October. Can you say, "clean freak, much?"

 I confess...That I'm participating because I love to clean, but mostly because I've failed miserably in my  goal to clean the kitchen every night before bed.

I confess...That today was the first time I'd Skyped with a very close friend of mine since moving to Virginia! Bad friend. :( But we had a fantastic time catching up and chatting! :)

I confess...That I hadn't shaved my legs since Sunday...and when I shaved them today I only shaved up to my knees. Laaaaaaaay-zeeeeeeee! Sorry Josh, you'll just have to deal with the prickles til I'm not such a procrastinator.

I confess...That it was my turn to plan date night this week, and all I came up with all we have money for is watching Up In The Air (Netflix rules) and eating homemade clam chowder.

I confess...That I will hopefully, FINALLY be posting a home tour vlog (or pictures, who knows?) at some point today. #tookmelongenough

Got something you'd like to get off your chest? Hop on over to Dandelion Wishes for the Friday Confessional link-up!


WILW {September 28}

Hello everyone!!!

How was your Wednesday? I know mine was decently productive and enjoyable.

Anyway, since I haven't participated in a while, I'm rejoining the WILW train for today. Obviously, it's pretty late in the day, but better late than never, right??? ;)

Today, I'm loving...

.....Our fall decorations!!! This is my favorite time of year. I'm not typically the "decorating type" when it comes to holidays, but now that we have our own place I just couldn't help myself.   Our decor this season is simple and minimal, but I'm in love and I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!!!

A milk vase I already had, some decorative ribbon to dress it up, a bundle of fake flowers, a few glittering pumpkins, an adorable leaf dish (soon to be filled with candy), and a place mat I already had make for a great centerpiece in the dining room.

A decorative fall wreath hangs on the wall leading into the kitchen.

Perfect place for it!

This sweet decorative dish sits on the coffee table and will soon hold caramel apple suckers!

*Intro to a home tour?*
.....Putting the finishing touches on our apartment! I've finally sorted through a huge pile of miscellaneous papers in our dining area and completed a few projects, so it feels like we actually LIVE here now instead of just having moved in. Home tour this Friday! Stay tuned!

We can finally eat at our kitchen table now!
.....Having our finances squared away! Thanks to a few free Sunday papers, an adorable coupon organizer, a bunch of saved receipts and an organized printable from Clean Mama's Etsy shop, we're finally organized and on a clearer budget.

.....My husband being home after a long work trip! Josh was in Jacksonville, Florida for about 10 days and came home on Sunday night! We spent the evening at our favorite restaurant, Carlyle, and came home to share a romantic dessert of sparkling pear juice, Milano cookies, and fruit leather while watching Mythbusters. :) I love having him home.

.....Having the day off today! I used the day to wash dishes, make cashew chicken, do laundry, make the bed, spray paint a coat rack, and catch up on all your lovely blogs!

.....My big boys!!! It's so hard to believe that they're going to be 6 MONTHS OLD next week! It's been so amazing to see their physical progress and their personalities develop over the last 3 months and I can't wait to see what else they do to surprise me. :)

Aidan in his new high chair. I quickly decided they were too big for the infant cushion. :)

My big boy, Adam, watching his favorite show, Classical Baby.

.....Our future plans are coming along quite well. Josh has been attending ACAP meetings to help us with the transition from military life to civilian life (since we're outta here in 7 months!) as college students. We've got a lot going on with this right now, like college applications and job searches, but we're excited that all of it is coming together nicely.

.....A BLOG SALE! Yep. I'm going to have a blog sale. It's kinda like a garage sale or hosting my own Etsy shop, just on the blog and for a defined amount of time. Most of my items are vintage and left over from our vow renewal ceremony. I'm so excited to show off these items to you and I hope you're interested in loving them like I have. :)

That's what I'm loving today! What are YOU loving today?



So...I know I've been blogging for a while now (almost a whole year!), but I STILL haven't figured out how to reply to your comments via Blogger. Because I have no idea how to reply, I just haven't replied to any of your comments (mean of me, I know) and that's very frustrating to me.

Do you know a quick, simple way to reply to comments on Blogger? If so, please share!!!

To-Do List

I'm a list maker, a planner, and an organizer. If you know me, you know that I'm kind of Type A like that. But lately, as you've noticed, I've been slacking in all of those areas. So today I put together a To-Do List of all the things I need to do by the end of October. 

Ready for my list? 

Meagan's To-Do List: September/October
*Clean kitchen every night before bed for 1 month.
*Mail thank you's to wedding vendors.
*Review all wedding vendors.
*Re-list all "stuff" on Craigslist and Freecycle.
*Sort and file pile of papers in dining room.
*Re-paint fingernails.
*Write and post at least 3 blog posts each week.
*Make gynecology and dermatology appointments at Rader.
*Clean bathroom.
*Dust and vacuum whole apartment.
*Hang up bathroom pictures.
*Make and order Christmas cards.
*Make and order honeymoon photobook.
*Make and order wedding photobook.
*Clean car inside and out.
*Paint and hang mirror and coat rack.
*Pack up RockBand.
*Print and laminate baby sign language flashcards for the twins.
*Switch out summer clothes for winter clothes.
*Pack up a few things to put in storage.
*Submit all college applications for Josh and I.
*Finalize all holiday plans. 
*Purchase Josh's birthday present and start Christmas shopping.
*Plan my 21st birthday!

Whew! I'm psyched to have this out of my brain, off of paper, and out for the world to see! I've got quite a lot to do in the next few weeks, but I'm thinking that I can get it all done. =)


Workin' Out

I know I said that I'd be a better blogger while my hubby's away, but so far this week I've been terrible about blogging. Work and doctors appointments and taking care of business (a certain song comes to mind...) around the apartment seem to always get in the way. =(

But tonight, I've decided that I MUST finish this blog post before I go to bed (I'd already be in bed, sleeping, if I weren't still up waiting for Josh to call). So here goes!!!

On Saturday, I had lots of free time on my hands while I was baking sweet potatoes (recipe to come), so I decided to be responsible and good to my body by exercising. I also promised myself that I'd eat really well while Josh was gone, but that quickly went out the window! Anyways, back to the exercise.

I did this (which I found on, none other than, Pinterest).

By the way, if you're not following me on Pinterest, you should be. And if you haven't received an invite yet...well, by golly, leave me a comment here begging for one!!!

Anywho, this little workout left me feeling accomplished and sore the next morning, but I haven't had the time to do it since. =( I gotta get on that tomorrow night.

Along with my Pinteresting workout, I've been using MyFitnessPal to keep track of my calorie intake/burn throughout the day. I actually really love MyFitnessPal...maybe even more than Livestrong's MyPlate! Don't get me wrong, MyPlate is fantastic, but I've always wondered why they didn't count reps instead of time when it comes to stuff like crunches and push-ups. Thankfully, MyFitnessPal counts reps, but one thing I'm confused about is why it doesn't count calories burned from strength exercises like crunches and planks. Bummer. If anyone has tips on using MFP or wants to keep each other accountable on MFP, let me know!


Friday Confessional

Hi everyone! I apologize for being so distant and post-less lately. Work has been getting the best of me and in our rare moments of shared time off of work, I'd rather be spending time with my husband than blogging. No offense. :)

Anywho, just a little update (since I've been seriously slacking) Josh and I were supposed to be in Virginia Beach this weekend for another marriage retreat, but unfortunately Josh was assigned a last minute mission. Literally last minute. As in, we were packing our bags for the marriage retreat at 11:00 last night when he got the call. In short, I drove Joshua to work this morning at 0530, he got on a plane at 0730, and he'll be driving the troops for Spirit of America around in Florida until September 26th. :(

Which leads me to today's post...Today I'm linking up with Dandelion Wishes for the Friday Confessional!


I confess...
...that I started crying when Josh was put on the mission last night. We're finally in a really good groove in our marriage and we were super psyched about getting a free weekend away to strengthen our bond and meet new couples. Such is life.

I confess...
...that I'm going to use my hubby's 10 days away as an opportunity to get things done! I love Joshua, but I love him so much that having him around is sometimes a distraction from my other responsibilities. We get so little time with each other since I started my new job that, after a long day of work, all I want is to lounge on the couch with him. Now that he's gone for a little bit I can work on my body, blogging, reading a few books, putting some finishing touches on our apartment, and cooking more! 

I confess...
...that all I've done today is take Josh to work, unload and reload the dishwasher, finish the last 4 chapters of a book, put away 2 loads of laundry, and catch up on blogs.

I confess...
...that fall weather has me jumping for joy! The hubster and I took a walk together after work a few nights ago and it was a lovely 60 degrees and breezy. Perfect for skinny jeans and hoodies.

I confess...
...that I just mailed out thank you's from our vow renewal ceremony (April 10) YESTERDAY! Bad blogger and bad bride.  

I confess...
...that I can't wait to blog, blog, BLOG in the next week! I've been starting drafts and saving them so that when I have time I can finish and share them with you...but I just haven't done it yet! I've got so many recipes, honeymoon, wedding, and apartment things to share with you!

And last, but most certainly not least...

I confess...
...that I deeply appreciate my 20 followers who have stuck around even though I've not been posting as regularly as I used to. Thank you so much for reading!!!


All There Is To Say

Now I lay me down to sleep,
One less terrorist this world does keep.
With all my heart I give my thanks
To those in uniform regardless of their rank.
You serve our country and serve it well,
With humble hearts your stories tell.
So as I rest my weary eyes,
While freedom rings our flag still flies,
You give your all, do what you must
With God we live and In God we trust.

Thank you to all of our military and first responders for the hard work you do every day so that we can hold fast to our freedom, safety, and peace of mind. We thank you, today and every day, for your tremendous sacrifice and willingness to defend and protect our country. Without you, all the lives lost just ten short years ago would be lost in vain. Thank you for fighting for justice on their behalf. What an amazing privilege it is to live in this country and to be married to one of America's own soldiers.

"Although the terrorists destroyed concrete and steel they failed to extinguish the American spirit." - First Responder Michael McCormack