WILW #13

*Disclaimer - Blogger was being stupid ALL day yesterday and wouldn't let me post this. So today, Thursday, I'm posting about what I loved on Wednesday.*

Whew! It's been a very long week, Blog Land!
I haven't had much of a chance to blog since last Wednesday, so I apologize for being behind on my posts that I promised. Because things tend to flip flop a lot around here and sometimes I just can't post, I've decided to stop making empty promises and just blog when I get to it. =)

So here's today's post (now that I'm "getting to it"), linking up for WILW ... a little late!

Yesterday Today I'm loving...That Josh and I BOTH had the day off! That never happens (except a few times on weekends), so we definitely enjoyed the day together.

Yesterday Today I'm loving.....PRODUCTIVITY!

Between the two of us, Josh and I got done this list of things...
- (Josh) went to PT, showered, and picked up a few things from the commissary and Harris Teeter
- Made the bed
- Deep cleaned the kitchen and the inside of the disgusting oven
- Washed and put away dishes
- Unloaded and loaded dishwasher
- Completed 3 loads of laundry
- Deep cleaned the porch and grill
- Hung 3 things on the wall
- Vacuumed the whole apartment
- Organized half our files
- "Raided" our whole apartment to get rid of centipedes
- Vacuumed again!
- Made my momma's pasta salad (which I'll share soon!) and grilled brats
- Got rid of a few unnecessary items via Freecycle

After all of that we still had time to do the next thing that I loved yesterday!

I'll be working on Saturday, so we didn't want to stay up too late on Friday night. That AND Josh has a courtesy car all week from Infiniti while his car's in the shop, so we wanted to take it out for a joy ride. We drove out to Tysons Corner and hit up Cold Stone for some delicious ice cream and then walked around the mall, just browsing and enjoying each others company. =)

All in all, I'd say yesterday was a lovely day. =)


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