Thoughts And Prayers For A Hero

Please keep SPC Brian Jergens in your thoughts and prayers today. A few days ago he was critically wounded by an IED in Afghanistan and seriously wounded. He lost both of his legs, fractured both arms, and has hemorrhaging in his brain, blood clots in his lungs, and his face is full of stitches. This man is a hero, a combat medic, one of Ft. Myer's own, and we're just praying that he makes it home to his wife, Jennifer, and his family and can recover the best anyone in his situation can hope to. 
Right now I'm completely shaken and heartbroken. This is a man that my husband knew and worked with before he deployed. Brian was a crazy guy, always laughing at everything and making trouble (in a good way)...I can't even begin to imagine how damaged his lively spirit might be after all of this and it would be such a shame. I'm praying that if God could give Brian one thing when he wakes up, that it would be his strong personality. He needs it to recover. Without it, he'll make it home, but won't be "all there." 

His wife, Jennifer, is keeping a small blog and updating it with every chance she gets, but it's difficult because Brian's still being treated in Afghanistan. I can't even begin to imagine what she is going through. Her best friend and husband is unconscious and critically wounded half way around the world and all she gets is a phone call every few hours letting her know a few details about his condition. Please pray for her. She needs as much strength and support as possible both now, and when Brian makes it home for recovery. 

If you'd like to follow the blog she created for updates on Brian, please click the link below. So far, there's no new news on his condition today, but I'm sure she'll tell us when she knows. But for now, all we can do is pray that our hero can make it home to his family. 
Pray For SPC Brian Jergens


erika said...

I will definitely be keeping him in my prayers. Thank you for sharing his story.

Faith said...

this saddens my heart ... keeping him in my thoughts and prayers ... also praying that his wife and family find some peace during this difficult time.

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