Late Night Date Night {1}

Josh and I have been attempting to keep up with our Friday Night Date Nights and we've been doing pretty well. Most of the time it's either dinner or a movie, but occasionally we take it down a notch ('cause we're boring like that) and stay at home.

Because of a recent, unexpected $1,800 spent to repair Josh's beloved Infiniti QX4 and now having to abandon our poor money pit baby and purchase a new vehicle, date night was definitely on the cheap this week. But we most definitely enjoyed ourselves!

Today was meant to be relaxing on my end --- painting my nails, reading my new book, and listening to the gentle hum of the laundry running, but it didn't quite turn out that way.

As soon as Joshua got off work for the day around 1pm, I get a phone call from a very depressed hubby letting me know that the problem Infiniti supposedly "fixed" 2 days ago was most definitely NOT fixed. Now let me tell you...when I throw $1,800 at someone who told me the car was fixed, I expect it to be fixed. So needless to say, I was pissed and marched my booty straight down to the dealership to scratch some eyes out work this thing out.

All together, we spent about 3 hours at the dealership arguing that we didn't have the money to buy a new Infiniti, but weren't about to dump any more of our hard earned cash into the QX4. They definitely weren't happy when we walked away without spending more moola, but oh well.

So the hubby and I headed home to try some homemade BBQ chicken wings (not a good experience, by the way) before heading out to the Ford dealership to test drive a lovely Focus Hatchback. I LOVED driving it. Kinda sporty, kinda not. But I definitely felt comfortable driving it (even though it would primarily be Josh's car). We're not ready to make a decision quite yet, and want to test drive a few other vehicles when we get a chance on Sunday, but we've got to have a car for Josh by the end of the upcoming week, so we'll be buying a new baby sometime very soon!

After driving home in a superstorm (literally pouring cats and dogs...well...not literally), Josh and I settled in, drank some delicious, fresh fruit smoothies (compliments of my awesome hubs), and watched Arthur. I wasn't a huge fan of the movie, but it was fun to watch with Josh.

All in all, I'd say today was good, although stressful. Thankfully, when you're facing the unexpected, having your best friend by your side makes things a whole lot more enjoyable. =)

Did you do anything exciting (or not so exciting, like us) this Friday night? Do you have a regular date night with your significant other? Do tell!


Anonymous said...

Ugh, car trouble is no fun. Glad you could still have a good night though!

Cindy P said...

Collin and I try to have regular date nights. Last night though we shared it with some friends. We went to get some ice cream (in the rain.. lol it started raining on our way there, probably a lesser part of the storm system you encountered, so we ate in the car!) and then we came home and played Monopoly. It was quite a fun adventure.

I'm sorry about the car troubles! I hope you guys are able to find something you like at a decent price! Were you able to get your money back for the first repair job not being done properly?

Faith said...

ugh, that stinks ... spending $1800 anytime makes me cringe :(

we have date nights every Friday too ... last night we went to a concert with two of our neighbors ... so it was kinda a double date night but it was so much fun.

it is nice to have your best friend during a stressful day.

Anonymous said...

Hope your car situation works out- that stinks! We have Friday date nights too :)

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