As you know from this post, today my dear friend Cortney and I hopped on down to IKEA "just to look around."

Yeah. Freakin'. Right.

You can't just go into IKEA and "look around!" No! If you go to IKEA you're bound to walk out with something. Even if it's just a bag of their famous Sveedish meatballs. Or maybe a yellow box of double A batteries for $1.99.

Anywho, so we "just looked around" and I came home with all THESE goodies! YAY!

First, I got this plastic baggie dispenser to put in our laundry closet.
I also bought a bottle of their sparkling peach cider, a bag of their famous meatballs, and 2 of these jars to store frozen fruit.
Now THIS bundle is what I'm TRULY proud of. I'm in love.

Duster, cork trivets, paint brushes, scented tea lights with glass cups, 4 of these frames, 2 of these silicone oven mitts, this adorable frosted lantern, and 3 of these awesome ice cube trays.
All together I spent a little over $70...so my next Shaklee order is going to have to wait until the next pay check. Oh well. Money well-spent in my opinion.

Next on the "home shopping list":
- A new pillow for Josh
- A red accent pillow cover (or just a new pillow altogether)
- Another Ikea container for fruit (why I only bought 2, I have no idea)
- A cabinet to replace our ugly "pantry" and another to replace our "office storage"

P.S. Typically I'd be on a date with my hubby tonight, but his platoon had an all-day mission to Pennsylvania. So instead I'm revisiting old episodes of Glee and catching up on all your lovely blogs. =) Happy Friday!


CeCe said...

It's easy for me to stroll through the furniture and bedding departments, but when it comes time to walk through the accessories my wallet is in trouble. I always seem to find things that I dont know HOW i lived without!

Tina´s PicStory said...

Visiting IKEA is always funny :)

Faith said...

that is a lot of great stuff for just $70! i think you did great! i know that if i ever went to Ikea, I would be in big trouble!

Cindy P said...

I actually have a few of those Ikea items. =) I love going in there and getting stuff. It's such an awesome place! I love envisioning my home via all the room setups. =)

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