Let me play this scene out for you...

Last night, Josh went to bed around 8:30. Yup. Eight. Thirty. Normally, I'd call him an old man, but he had to be up at 2:30 this morning for a mission to Fort Bragg.

Anywho, OOOOOBVIOUSLY his loving wife was SO not tired at 8:30 and just wanted to spend time with him. So what did she do?

She ran into the bedroom, jumped on top of him, and started bouncing and yelling, "Wake up, Joshie!!!" like a five year old. And then I smothered him with kisses and pinches and then... THIS HAPPENED. {Josh was the "puppy"}.

They cut off my favorite part where he acts like a puppy with his neck snapped. Haha! Anyways...back to the story.

So I snapped my puppy's neck over-loved Joshie sooooooo much while he was trying to get his beauty sleep that he actually woke up for work about 5 minutes early just to get me back! As soon as his alarm went off he got ready for work like he always does, so I thought "Good. I'm safe! I can keep sleeping."


When he was finished getting ready for work, guess what the little crazy pants does...just guess...

Yep. He jumped on top of me, combat boots and all, and started bouncing and yelling, "Wake up, Meag! Wake up!" 

I couldn't help myself. All I did was laugh at him and kiss him with my staaaaanky morning breath.  
I love that man. 
Psh. Marriage.


Anonymous said...

Ha! It's fun being married to your best friend, isn't it? :)

Faith said...

hahahahaha too funny! payback is always fun, haha.

Cindy P said...

Bahahah that's hilarious! You guys are crazy. =)

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