Friday Confessional

Today I'm starting a little something new (to me) by linking up at Dandelion Wishes for Friday Confessionals!

I've seen a few people jump on this linky-train and really liked the idea of getting a few things off my chest, in a hopefully light-hearted way. So here goes!


I confess...that I've been a very bad blogger lately. I've been meaning to post more and to plan more, but just haven't gotten around to it quite yet.

I confess...that our lives are very, very, VERY unorganized right now. With both of us officially working full time, finding time for each other, and spending time with friends, our apartment, meal plans, dates, etc. have gone completely haywire.

I confess...that because of the previous confession I also haven't cleaned our bathroom in...3 weeks. Ew. That totally grosses me out just thinking about it.

I confess...that I actually used Easy Off (very toxic and harmful to your body) to clean our oven on Wednesday. Very. Bad. Idea. I will never use it again. Any other (preferably healthier, non-lung-burning) suggestions for cleaning an oven are welcome!

I confess...that the first year of marriage is MUCH more difficult than I expected. Don't get me wrong...I knew it wouldn't be all sunshine and rainbows, but it's been a tough, but wonderful (almost) 6 months of marriage.

I confess...that I pack Joshua love notes when I pack his lunches. And I confess FOR HIM...that he genuinely enjoys them. =)

I confess...that my new employer is driving me up the wall. But I don't do my job for the employer. I do it for the kids.

I confess...that I'm feeling very "large" as of late, but that I have zero drive to actually get off my butt. Eating healthy = not too much of a hassle. Getting off the couch = too much effort.

I confess...that I have absolutely NO idea what I want to do when Josh and I move back to IL next fall. Go to school (for God knows what) or work full time (God knows where)? HELP ME!

And last, but most certainly not least, I confess...that, despite my disgusting bathroom desperately needing a deep-clean, I will be sitting on the couch today on my day off and pampering myself. If you need me, I'll be slow-cooking BBQ chicken wings, reading The Help, painting my toe nails, and possibly wearing a chocolate strawberry face mask. =)


VandyJ said...

I'm having a hard time making it off the couch too. I call it the late summer blahs--it's just too much effort, trouble, or too hot, take your pick.

w.e.schwartz said...

Hi there!

We've been so unorganized lately, too. It's starting to drive me cuckoo! I'm just not catching on to the whole meal planning thing well at all... Oy!

Have a great weekend. :)

Mrs. Match said...

Aww the first year of marriage can be rough ( we are on month 11) but it has gotten so much better. When we were both working that was our source of stress. Not each other but the lack of seeing each other. Here's hoping you two get some much needed couple time!

Unknown said...

I think a lot of us have been neglecting the blogs lately. Oops.

I can send the blonde to blow up your oven - oh wait that doesn't clean it, but it means you get a new one. ;)

Faith said...

we are the opposite ... going to the gym = not much effort ... eating healthy = too much effort ... let's motivate each other, hehe.

Moyra said...

Scour off for the often and have a Shaklee business when you return in the fall.

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