Earthquakes & Rainboots

As most of you have already heard, we experienced a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Virginia on Tuesday, August 23rd.

I was at work, standing in the kitchen, watching the my lunch in the microwave. The twins were upstairs in the nursery napping as usual. As I was lazily watching my lunch I felt a slow rumbling, and over the course of about 30 seconds it grew much louder and stronger. I could literally SEE the house and all of it's contents shaking in front of me. I called down the hall to Chad (the twins' daddy), "Um...Chad???" and we both rushed upstairs to the nursery. The second we blew threw the nursery door, we both assumed we'd find the precious boys screaming in terror. Instead, they were still sound asleep.

Living in the Midwest my whole life, I've never experienced anything like that before (not that VA gets earthquakes often) so I was quite obviously confused and a tad spooked. Seeing my little angels safe and sound was just what I needed to calm my heart.

Now we're preparing for another uncommon occurrance here in the Nova area. A hurricane. All week people have been buzzing about, getting ready for the storm.

Tonight, my dear friend, Cortney and I finally made our trek out to Wal-Mart and Target to gather a few supplies like non-perishable foods, bottled water, and flashlights. Everything was pretty much gone except anything you CAN'T use with zero power. But we got what we needed and headed home to avoid being out while there were tornado watches in effect.

When I got home, I caught up on the weather, tracing the path of the storm and Joshua and I talked about our plans for the weekend in case weather did turn extra sour. Josh has been told that his platoon is on call all weekend in case of an emergency evacuation (which is apparently becoming more and more possible as Hurricane Irene picks up speed). I told him that if Alexandria evacuates and he has to stay, so will I. Even if I have to hide out in the barracks, I'm determined to stay here with my husband.
He told me, very sternly, otherwise and that was the end of that. I've been ordered, by my loving husband, that if we evacuate I'm to drive straight on through to my parents' house in Illinois. No arguments. =(

Needless to say, this whole week has been full of unexpectedness and I'm not scared, but very uneasy about it all. Especially Irene. I've never had to worry about a hurricane before, so I'm not quite sure what to expect and I hate that there's a possibility that I'll have to leave my husband behind if we need to evacuate.

I'm not sure what else to say. I know this post has been mostly rambling about the weather and I haven't written a whole lot lately, so I apologize for that. But between work, car shopping, and preparing for the storm, things have been a little more hectic than usual. Not to mention my stomach is in knots thinking about all of the damage this hurricane has already done and will continue to do. I wish it was possible to show emotion more effectively through text, but just know that I'm very nervous/bummed/depressed/scared/etc. about all of this.

Is anyone else going to be experiencing Hurricane Irene this weekend? What are your thoughts/any advice on having to leave a spouse during a natural disaster?

P.S. On a much lighter note...Joshua and I have been married for 6 months today! Best six months of my life...so far. =) I love you, Josh!

Which reminds me, I should proooobably start posting about our wedding one of these days...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 6th month anniversary! I hope everything goes ok with the hurricane... I'll be thinking about you guys!

And, YES, you probably should start posting about your wedding one of these days ;)

w.e.schwartz said...

Yay 6 months!! You two look fantastic. :)

I hope the hurricane is good to you, and you only get enough rain to make you want to take a little mid-day nap. They can be so scary - I will keep you all close in my thoughts!

Cindy P said...

Like I said on facebook, I think you'll be fine. You'll probably get rain and wind but you'll be okay! Unless it takes a drastic turn to the west of course. But even then, I'm sure you'll be okay. =) It's rare that they evacuate as far west as Alexandria for a hurricane!

Faith said...

happy 6 months!

yes, Irene has us all in knots ... i was in NYC for the weekend for my bf's wedding but it was cancelled. pretty horrible.

hope you and hubby will be safe and sound.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Congratulations on 6 months!! :)

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