Aidan & Adam

*Sigh* Today I have a day off (this week I'm only working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) so I thought I'd write about the twinsies today so I don't miss them so much.

I'm not really sure what to say about them, so I'll just describe them each separately, then tell you about what our days together look like.


 I call Aidan "The Gentleman." Of the two of them, Aidan is much more relaxed and polite than Adam. He's got this adorable, natural comb-over and a sweet side smile that makes you melt. He loves dancing to the music from his mobile after a nap and can't stand to be left in his bouncy chair unless you turn the music on. He's such a great eater (we call him Piglet), but sometimes he tries to get out of it by smiling sweetly. =)


Adam is "The Flirt." This little man is almost always smiles and coos. He loves to talk and if you respond, he'll mimic you or just open up a huge, toothless grin. He enjoys tummy time and interacting with other people (including his brother). When it comes to eating, he's almost always passed out after only 3 ounces (see first picture).

Here's a rundown of what our day typically looks like (for now)...

9:00am - Meagan arrives and the twinsies wake up. We change our clothes and diapers, then head downstairs for breakfast.

9:20am - We eat about 6 ounces of super-fortified formula for our little growing bodies. Meagan burps us and tells us how cute we are until we're done eating and fall asleep.

10:30am - We usually nap from the end of our feeding until about 12:00pm. But sometimes we wake up and want to play, so Meagan busts out the Tummy Time mat.

12:50pm - She changes our diapers again and takes us downstairs to start our next feeding.

2:15pm - By this time, we're usually done eating and fast asleep. Meagan takes us upstairs to our crib and attempts to eat some lunch.

4:00pm - Sometimes we're awake by now, and sometimes we're not. If we're awake, we play. If we're still sleeping...then...

4:45 - Meagan wakes us up for our final feeding until bedtime. She changes our diapers again and we go downstairs to eat. By the time we're done eating (around 6:15) we're fast asleep and it's time for Meagan to head home.

So that's what our day looks like, for now. As they get older it'll change, as it does already everyday. Pretty basic baby care. 

Care to see a few more pictures and videos of the munchkins? I'm more than happy to share! =)

Two months old, just home from the NICU. Picture taken by Mommy.

Look at how tiny they were at two months!

Just home from the NICU. Cute little newborn booties.

Now look at my big boys!!! They had just turned 4 months in this picture.

Aidan sleeping.

Synchronized sleep movements.

Adam testing out the Bumbo = Not so much.
Ignore the high-pitched voice and ridiculous baby talk. =) When I finally vlog you'll be able to hear the real me. Also, please ignore the crappy quality of some of the pictures and video. Phone cameras are no where near as good as my Nikon.


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They are ridiculously cute!

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oh my gosh. sweetest little pictures!

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they are so adorable!!

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