WILW #10

*Sigh* It feels good to be back in the blog world. Let's start this "new beginning" off on the right foot, shall we?

Today, as per my usual, I'm linking up with Jamie over at This Kind Of Love for WILW (I really missed you, WILW. Thanks for taking me back).

Today I'm loving...

*My new job with the munchkins.
*My Crock-Pot.
*Meal planning.
*The feeling of debt sloooowly disintegrating with each monthly payment.
*Putting together photo books on Shutterfly of our wedding and honeymoon pictures.
*My mother's marriage advice.
*A Pinterest Challenge from Katie and Sherry.
*My understanding, patient, hardworking, loving husband. I couldn't enjoy life without him.

{Sorry for not including pictures and links today. It's a very bad day.}


Cindy P said...

I just made a Shutterfly album of our wedding yesterday! One year after we got our pictures back... lol Oh well! It's better late than never I suppose. =) I think next week while I'm gone I'm gonna pre-prepare and have posts automatically post of our wedding!

What's this Pinterest Challenge you speak of?

Cat said...

I'm excited about the pinterest challenge too!! I'm going to link up a recent project I did!!

Cant wait to see waht you do!

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