A Fresh Start

For those of you who follow my humble little blog, you know that I've been on a blog sabbatical of sorts for about a month. Originally, the plan was to take a break to figure out what's been keeping me "down" lately, but my blog break has turned into an eye-opening experience for me.

You see, I had been so caught up in planning for our honeymoon and preparing for my new job and taking care of the apartment that I forgot to ENJOY it all. It was all about "perfect" this and "organized" that, but never about "My life is so blessed and I love taking in every moment!".

So I've decided to change things around here (something I do often, I know).

From now on, my blog isn't going to be about being a perfect working housewife with a put-together apartment and 3-course meal on the table every night. It's not going to be about making plans that I never keep or staring at the pile of decor we still have yet to hang on the walls. It's not going to be about having a ridiculously organized life that always goes right.

Instead, this blog is going to be about me. And it's going to be about Josh. And it's going to be about trying recipes that we end up hating, hanging pictures that fall off the wall a week later, being happily exhausted by 2 sweet screaming babies, and everything that comes along with it. From now on, I will no longer try to live the Stepford Wife Life, but my own. I refuse to put myself down because our apartment is still half un-done after 3 months here and I refuse to be disappointed in myself because I haven't cooked a real dinner in a week.

I am imperfect. Some days I run around like a chicken with my head cut off because the laundry's not done and dinner's not ready until 8pm. And that's just life.

I'll admit that I'm jealous of people who seem to have it all together, like Sherry and Jen, and it'd be awesome if I had the time to create a life like that, but I don't. So I'll take what I've got and work with it. I'll enjoy my life and do what I can to enhance the awesomeness that already is. I'll take each day one step at a time and I won't let the chaos get the best of me.


Anonymous said...

WOOOHOO! I'm so excited to see you back girl :) Love the new blog design and love that you're focusing on being you! Can't wait to keep reading :)

Faith said...

Welcome Back! I would love to be like them too but I'm not .. I can only be me and in this short life that we have that is the only person I want to be. Def. not perfect but I'm a whole lot of fun! :) Mistakes and all, I end up with a big smile, happy and blessed to be alive.

Looking forward to your new posts!

Cindy P said...

Welcome back sweetie! I'm excited about the new direction of your blog. =)

There is so much pressure to be perfect, especially in the blog world because people can portray what they want you to think and not what they're really like. It's so refreshing to find a blog where someone is honest and shares their imperfections. Those are the blogs I enjoy reading because they're the ones I can relate to. Not that I didn't like yours before, I did, I'm just wanting you to know that it really is okay to be real. =) When we first got married and moved into the townhome it was not put together for a long time. In fact, there were things in our home that we were planning on doing right away and never got done before we moved out. lol So don't stress about those pictures not being hung or it not looking just the right way. Enjoy it the way it is and enjoy the time you spend with your husband in your home!

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