Today's Wednesday! Yay! I love WILW with Jamie. It's actually becoming my favorite day of the week...in blog-land anyway.

Today I'm loving...

*This deliciously simple meal. 

Blog post coming soon!

*This flattering swimsuit.

Lucky to have found you. :)

*This new arrangement in our entryway.

Organized and functional. Woo!

*This website that's making me lots o' money and gets rid of all my unnecessary clutter.

Getting rid of stuff we don't need + making money = happy Meagan.

*This website that's helping others AND myself to make life a little easier.

Yay for decluttering!

*This addicting tool that keeps my inspirations organized. 

Thanks to my dear blog friend, Cindy! Now I'm addicted!

*This amazing man that never fails to put a smile on my face.

We bought a furry rug at Ikea. He likes to sleep in it.

Home from PT and this is what he looks like an hour later. :) This is also the reason I never get any sleep.
What are you loving this gorgeous Wednesday???


Cindy P said...

Bahaha, so HE'S the bed hog! Maybe you should talk to Collin about advice for sleeping with a bed hog and not me. ; )

Also, glad I could get you addicted to Pinterest! =)

Kristen said...

Lol - that's too funny that he sleeps like that. Bad for you though when you're trying to sleep. haha

Love the new entryway! :)

Happy Wednesday!

Greer's Gossip said...

That swimsuit is too cute!!

The Sweet Life said...

Hi thanks for stopping by. Us nannies have to stick together. haha. I have heard so much about Pinterest lately. I have got to check it out. Happy Wednesday!

Faith said...

yum, that meal looks delish!!! can't wait for the post about it! and too funny to see the hubby sleeping like that! :)

Cat said...

We so need to be pinterest buddies! What's your name on there?

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