The day after our wedding, Josh left to go back to D.C. while I stayed in Illinois with my parents to pack up. The day after Josh left, I started paring down everything I owned because 1) I knew that all my crap + all Josh's crap could not possibly fit into our 550 square foot apartment and 2) I was so sick of living with the unnecessary clutter that was stressing me out.

So began the journey of "Un-Clutter-Fying" my life. I had already ditched the bad influences in my life. I had already decided to reform to optimism. I had already done my wedding duties. Now was the time to start my wifely duties, my personal duties, and my community duties (try not to giggle at the fact that I just said the word "duties" three times in one sentence...well, now four).

As I packed little by little I promised my future, organized, stress-free, clutter-free self that I would get rid of anything that I didn't absolutely need or couldn't let go of. So I did.

While I was packing up my closet and my dresser I first packed everything that I'd worn the season before. If I hadn't worn it or if it didn't fit, it went in the "donate" pile (a wicker laundry basket that would soon be overflowing). On the process went until I had 3 boxes of clothes to take with me --- 1 wardrobe box full of shoes, dresses, and coats, and 2 boxes filled with everything else.

Then I did the same with all of my toiletries, accessories, and purses. Then I returned any wedding gifts we had duplicates of or things I knew we would never use. I pared down everything until I was sure I could live with what would fit in a tiny Uhaul trailer and my little Ford.

As for keepsakes, I brought one box of super important keepsakes and one scrapbook. Everything else I left at my parents' house for safe keeping (and more storage space!).

Once we got to D.C. and got unpacked I realized there were even more things we could live without. Like Josh's old bedding set from when he lived in the barracks. Or 15 unused candles leftover from our rehearsal dinner. Or 100 Ball jars that we had no room for. There's a whole lot more than that, but those are a few of the things that took up the most space in my mind and in our pint sized abode. But thanks to Craigslist and Freecycle, I'm starting to feel lighter, more free, and less frazzled by the unnecessary. Not only am I freeing myself from a life of chaos, but I'm more confident in my choice to let go of my clutter so that it can benefit another person.

Now I have a clear head. Now I don't have to worry about where I can shove that extra bedding set into our beyond tiny closet. Now Josh and I are living with what we need and love. Nothing more. And it feels amazing.


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