Good morning, everyone!

Today's Wednesday again! I feel like the weeks are flying by, but I'm enjoying them nonetheless.

Ready for WILW with Jamie? Good. So am I!

Today I'm loving...

*The freedom to I have to lie on the couch. Shooting pains in my back = Not doing anything today.

*Ingrid Michaelson. All of her music just gets me. Great listening for a lazy day.

*The sunshine outside! After rain all last week it's about time we saw the sun.

*That we have a full fridge and pantry. I'm so thankful that we have enough money to provide for ourselves (and the fact that the comissary's prices are so low helps a lot too).

*That I got to spend the entire weekend and half of Tuesday with the hubby. He rarely gets a full weekend off, so we enjoyed ourselves by earning moola selling stuff on Craigslist and shopping for bathing suits for Hawaii. Yesterday was particularly nice too, as Josh got to come home for the morning in between PT and his mission for the day. I love days like that.

*Kissing! It's weird. When we were long-distance we used to make-out like hormonal teenagers whenever we saw each other (TMI?). That's recently become old news, but yesterday we amped up the kissing and it was awesome. Definitely doing that more often. =)

What are you loving today? Feel free to link up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday and to link up with Lindsay for the My Happy Plan challenge. 

I hope you're all enjoying life this week!  


Kit said...

You are loving some great things today! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Maggy said...

HAHA, I love the kissing honesty - awesome. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Mrs. Nix said...

Thanks, Maggy! =)

Miss Angie said...

I love Ingrid Michaelson. She's brilliant. Kissing is brilliant, it's sad that sometimes you miss out on that once you go further than the makeout sessions you have as a teenager.

See what I'm loving HERE.

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