Hello everyone! Today's Wednesday and you know what that means?

That's right! Today I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday! I love Wednesday's posts because they remind me to think about all the little things that I'm thankful for. So here's what I'm loving/appreciating/thankful for this week.

I'm loving...

*That we had the chance to have lunch at Hops with some new friends of ours on Sunday. Josh had their buffalo chicken tenders (always a fave) and I decided to try something new and had chicken and shrimp alfredo...It was...not so good. You live and you learn.

*That we also tried out a new-to-us hibachi restaurant down the street from our apartment on Sunday. Hana Tokyo has ridiculously delicious hibachi and sushi and their chefs are so entertaining! Josh had combination chicken and shrimp fried rice and I had an eel and a philadelphia maki roll. So good!

*My new shoes! I got a great walk in them on Monday morning and a short walk on Tuesday (before it started thunder-storming) and their awesome.

*The thoughtfulness of my hubby. On Sunday Josh woke up to get his weekly haircut while I stayed home and showered before our lunch with friends. When he got home he arrived with potted calla lilies (my favorite flowers!), the newest copy of Cosmo, and No Strings Attached (courtesy of RedBox). I'd say he earned some brownie points. =)

*That tomorrow I get to meet the sweet little babies I'll be smothering loving for the next year. =) I can't wait to meet you, Adam and Aidan!

What are you loving this Wednesday???


Cindy P said...

What made the chicken and shrimp alfredo not so good? Was it the way they prepared it? I almost always love shrimp in my pasta!

We actually ate at one of our local Hibaci grills on Friday for lunch. SOOO yummy! One of my favorite restaurants.

Josh is very thoughtful! You got a good man there! I'm happy for you. =)

Cindy P said...

Also, I'm loving my book I'm reading (I posted about it today) and I love that fact that I opened the front door to the house to go to work this morning and written in the dew on my driver's side window is "I Love You!". =)

Mrs. Nix said...

Cindy, you and Collin are too cute. =) And I think you and I both got lucky with awesome men!

The alfredo was not so good because the pasta wasn't cooked through and the sauce was waaaay too watery. But the chicken and shrimp in it were delicious. =)

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