Weekend Recap

As I mentioned in last week's WILW post, Josh and I spent our first weekend of "real" married life (aka finally living together) on a marriage retreat!

We spent the weekend at the Doubletree Resort in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was in the middle of Amish Country, so there wasn't much to do or see in the immediate area except a tour of an Amish museum and a fancy McDonald's. The hotel, however was wonderful! It was beautiful and the staff was incredibly accommodating.

What our room looked like.
We at our meals in the beautiful Palm Court dining room.
We had our sessions in the gorgeous meeting rooms.

We spent the weekend with about 10 other married military couples stationed in NoVa. Two couples were younger, like Josh and I, but the rest were in their late 20's to late 30's and had kids. It was nice though, because Josh and I were able to connect with another younger couple throughout the weekend. We had a blast getting to know them!

So what did we do this weekend? Well, there were 5 group sessions. Everyone met in the meeting room and we had snacks, watched a series of videos from Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage, and discussed them afterward. Everything was led by Fort Myer's chaplain, Mark. He and his wife were so sweet and encouraging. We also LOVED the videos we watched. They were so funny, yet so true and easy to relate to. The comedian really points out some truths about marriage and comparisons between men and women, but makes it funny instead of making it sound like a bad thing. Definitely worth watching with your spouse!

We had 3 of those sessions on Friday night and 2 on Saturday morning. Then we had the rest of Saturday all to ourselves! We chose to spend the day with our new friends, Shawna and Jason, by heading to Hershey Park. It was so fun! We did a quick run-through of Chocolate World, then headed over to the amusement park for the rest of the afternoon.

After a long afternoon at Hershey, we had dinner reservations (thanks to my sweet hubby) at Devon Seafood Grill in downtown Hershey. The food was delicious, but SO filling! And the service was awesome. We were definitely under-dressed (the dress code was resort casual, but were were all in sweats or jeans), but they didn't care...or at least didn't look like it. =) I had the True Maine lobster bisque, lemon-asparagus risotto, and lump crap cakes. So delicious!

The dining room at Devon.
The next morning, there was an optional chapel service, but Josh and I decided not to go because we were out super late and he had to drive the bus back to Arlington. I'm kind of bummed we didn't go to the service, but I'm glad Josh and I got some extra sleep and made it home safely. =)


Cindy P said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'll have to check out those movies.

I stayed in a DoubleTree hotel once in Dallas. Very fancy place! Too bad it was a work trip and I was in the room all alone. =(

So true story, I love Hershey Park. I've been there numerous times. And we're hoping to go this summer. And we just went to Chocolate World in January with my best friend and her family. I went to Messiah College which is about 30 minutes from Hershey! And I love Amish Country. I have several friends from college who currently live in Lancaster! Too cool! So which rides at the park were you favorites?

Mrs. Nix said...

Cindy, I LOVED the Great Bear and one other one (a fast red one) but I can't remember the name. We had a great time at Hershey Park, but I think King's Dominion miiiiight be a little better in my opinion. ;) That's awesome that you got to go so often since you went to school so close though! I love amusement parks.

Cindy P said...

GAH! I know I left a comment on this post but blogger must have eaten it! And now I can't remember what I wrote. Something about loving Hershey Park and going to college really near there. =/

Also, did you leave a comment on my couple's survey post? I'm trying to figure out how many of my comments got eaten.

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