Time For A Recipe!

Today was a busy day for me; running errands, exercising, putting the apartment together, etc.
But despite being busy and worn out after a long weekend, I decided that I needed to make dinner tonight. The last time I actually cooked was around Wednesday last week...I think.

Today's recipe is from AllRecipes.com and is sooooo good! I made Smoked Sausage with Pasta and it was delicious. Very flavorful, yet suitable for all your varying taste buds.

I used some leftover smoked sausage from when I made Josh's jambalaya, used spaghetti instead of angel hair pasta, substituted grape tomatoes for plum tomatoes (because I already had them) and didn't use any mushrooms this time around (because I didn't have them and because Josh doesn't really like mushrooms). Other than that, I stuck to the recipe and I'd say it worked out pretty well. =)

Sauteing the tomatoes and smoked sausage. It smells so good!

Ready to eat!
Definitely check out the website linked above for some better pictures. These are just rough pics I took with my crap phone.

This recipe is super simple, super simple, and super tasty! Perfect for anyone on the go or a picky eater. =)


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