New Me - Pt. 2/My Happy Plan/Wear A Dress Tuesday

Today is a big day for me in the blog world. Starting today, my Tuesdays will consist of My Happy Plan AND Wear A Dress Tuesday!  I'm so psyched to get started on these blog challenges/link-ups.  =)

 My Happy Plan

 Today I'm linking up with Lindsay over at My Happily Ever After! A while back, Lindsay started her "My Happy Plan" posts in an effort to keep herself physically, socially, and emotionally on track once her baby fever kicked it into high gear. I've really appreciated her honesty and enjoy reading her weekly posts. Hopefully her new link-up will help other women in the blog world just as it's helped her! Let's get started...

First, I should explain my reason for wanting to participate in the Happy Plan link-ups. If you've been reading for the past few months you already know that I really struggle with my weight, and not just my weight, but the way my body looks. I've got huge boobs, a tiny waist, and wide hips --- making it really difficult physically and emotionally to ever shop for clothes. I've also got a few genetic issues that have plagued my self-confidence and held me back for years. These are the physical issues I'd like to address. 

But along with those, I have some emotional distractions as well. Like many women, I know deep in my heart that I'm supposed to be a mother. I've always known it. That's part of the reason why I enjoy daycare and nannying so much. But Josh and I both know that, at this point, we're not ready to start our family. The time-line that we currently have in place (which can change due to changing circumstances) has really been bumming me out lately. Instead of focusing on the amazing life Josh and I have together RIGHT NOW, I've been obsessing about the even more amazing life we'll have once we start our family. I'd really like to get to a place where I can truly enjoy the life I have with Josh at this moment and be able to keep my baby fever under control.

And 3 other, less intricate issues at hand are 1) Josh and I really need to get a handle on our spending and develop a budget, 2) I'd like to make more girlfriends. I started some great relationships with girls that I worked with back in Illinois, but after moving I've realized that those relationships have unfortunately faded. I'd really love to put myself out there more and socialize more with women. And 3) Develop my role as a wife and "household runner." This includes budgeting, cooking, keeping the house in order, etc.

Ready for the bullet points? Here goes nothin'!

  • Exercise on a daily basis --- This can be walking, me-on-top sex, swimming, attempting a yoga class, crunches and push-ups...whatever. But my goal is to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in EVERY DAY. I'll also track my completed exercise in a notebook or calendar to remind myself just how easy it is to get moving.
  • Eat out less/eat healthier meals --- So far, since moving in together, Josh and I have overhauled our eating habits. At home. We're eating more fresh foods, switched to whole grain pastas and breads, switched to almost all low-fat/salt options, etc. But we've also been eating out a TON. We both have already agreed that this needs to change (as we're losing money and gaining weight), so the goal is to eat out only ONCE a month, unless it's completely unavoidable.
  • Less sweats, more real clothes --- I worked at a fitness center for 6 months and my uniform was a t-shirt and sweats. I got so used to just "throwing something on" that I've completely forgotten what it's like to put legitimate effort into dressing myself. As of right now, I'm a homebody until July when I start my job, so it's hard for me to feel the need to put "real" clothes on every day unless I'm going somewhere. But I've noticed that it makes me feel lazy and sloppy and not pretty at all. So the goal here is to exercise first thing in the morning, shower, and then put on a real outfit so I don't feel like such a bum. That's kind of where Wear A Dress Tuesday comes in! It'll force me out of sweats and into something feminine and pretty! 
  • Spend less/save more --- The amount of money we've been spending lately is absolutely absurd. Yes, there are tons of things we've been needing or already had planned, but we're still spending too much. Some things, like a bathing suit for me for Hawaii, are necessary and ridiculously expensive. Other things, like eating out together 4 times in one week (not including the times we ate out separately), are avoidable and add up quickly. It's time we put together a budget and stuck to it. The only problem...I have no idea where to start. Any tips or resources for doing this as a newlywed couple would be greatly appreciated!
  • Develop my role as a wife --- Josh and I both strongly believe in equality between the sexes, but we're also a bit traditional as well when it comes to roles. Josh leaves for work by 0500 almost every morning and works long hours. When he comes home, it's only fair that the house is clean and calm and that dinner is ready, especially since I'm at home all the time (for now) and running our household is my "job." My mom was Super Woman. She woke my brother up, showered, packed his lunch, drove him to school, went to work, came home, did a few loads of laundry, and had dinner on the table EVERY SINGLE DAY of my life. She did it all and then some and still managed to keep her sanity. I want to be like that, so my goal during this time in our marriage is to have laundry done and put away consistently, have dinner ready when Josh gets home, and keep the house clean. It sounds simple, and it is, but actually doing it is going to be the challenge. 
  • Socialize more with other women --- As I mentioned above, I don't have many girlfriends. I love spending time with Josh and I love it when Josh and I hang out with other couples together, but I'd also love to have "girl time." I think it's really important as a woman to have that time when it's just the girls, and having just moved to the area, it's high time I make some friends.
So that's My Happy Plan! I know it's long, and I apologize for that (kinda), but I'm so excited to get going on all of this and to share my progress with all of you! =) Feel free to link up with Lindsay and start your own Happy Plan!

Wear A Dress Tuesday

Today's my first time participating in WADT and I'm so excited! Josh and I went to the mall this past weekend to see if I could find any dresses or skirts for me, but I'm not willing to spend $50 at American Eagle for one dress. Sorry! I'll definitely be hitting up Kohls and Target soon though. =) But for now, I'll use a few things I already have in my closet.

Please ignore the mess and the wet hair look.
 Today I walked, but other than that I'm staying home, so I picked out something comfy, but still a little girly. Simple! I actually do feel a little prettier and on top of that, the hubby (who's home in between missions) has been telling me all morning how cute I am. =)


Anonymous said...

We have some of the same happy plan goals! LOL!

Faith said...

great happy goals! you can def. do it ... one of my happy goals is to get back to my wedding weight with eating better and continuing to exercise ... good luck to the both of us and cute outfit!

Lindsay said...

Thanks so much for linking up your Happy Plan, Meagan!! All of your goals are so great!! I wish you the best of luck with them! Keep us posted on your progress :):)

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