This past Friday Josh had the day off, so we spent the day watching Trailer Park Boys...

Every episode I watch makes me *thiiiis* much stupider. I swear.

...eating yummy food...

Greatest sweet rolls, fries, and ranch on the planet!

...and shopping!!!

I looked exactly like this.

Most of the purchases were for me and most of my purchases were for Hawaii. We've almost got everything we need for our trip, so I'm getting pretty darn excited!!!

A while back, when Josh and I started planning our honeymoon, I emailed Rachel over at Suitcase Secrets asking her what I should wear in Hawaii. I told her everything we had planned for the trip and what I normally find myself wearing (plain tanks and shorts) and she emailed back with this post to her lovely blog and when we went shopping this weekend I kept her suggestions in mind as well as my Lust Lists *1* and *2*.

Above are Rachel's suggestions and below are the things I've purchased so far.


Freya Riviera Bikini

Target Cover-Up
I've already had a chance to try out my new swim suit and cover-up! Saturday and Sunday we spent the day at our neighborhood pool with some friends of ours that live just down the block. The swimsuit fits great! I'm so lucky to have found it at Lingerie Lingerie.

Beachy dresses from Target!

Floor-Length Maxi Dress

Strapless Floral Mini Dress
These dresses will be perfect for touring the island or just hanging out in Honolulu. I'm surprised I even tried a maxi dress, since they tend to make me look frumpy, but this one is slimming and gorgeous!

Evening dresses from Von Maur!

These dresses are both comfortable and gorgeous. They fit my body very well and are so flattering! I can't wait to wear these dresses out to fancy Pacific Rim restaurants.

Jean shorts from Old Navy!

Beachy sandals from Target!
I love these shorts from Old Navy. Normally it's tough for me to find shorts that are both modest and stylish, but this summer ON got smart and made shorts to fit perfectly. And these gorgeous (yet, not so comfy) sandals work great with just about all my pretty dresses.

That's what I've got so far. I love pretty things! There are still a few more items left to get, like beach towels, travel toothbrush cases, a pair of heels, and a few tank tops, but other than that I think we're just about set to go!


Faith said...

how awesome! you got the perfect selections of things to wear on vacay! you're going to have an amazing time!!! can't wait to see pictures!

Cindy P said...

You can definitely find good toothbrush travel cases in the dollar (or value) travel sections of Wal-Mart or Target. That's where I've bought mine. They're great!

I love your purchases! So glad you're finding the things you need for your honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh I love those sandals!

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