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Any time I get a new tech toy I automatically sing this in my head. I have no idea why. 

But this song has been playing incessantly in my head over these past few days because on Tuesday Josh and I made our final decision on 3 new toys we wanted. On Wednesday we ordered them (from Amazon of course), on Thursday 2 things arrived, and today my very special third toy arrived! I've practically been bouncing off the walls with excitement. =)

Here's what we got.

1. Garmin Nuvi 1490LMT for Meagan.

When I lived in Michigan and Illinois there was no reason for me to need a navigator. But now that I live in one of the busiest and most confusing metro areas in the country, I think it's about time I broke down and got one. I've already been lost a few times and had to call Josh to put me back on the right track. I'd rather be able to get around without bothering him at work, so we agreed that purchasing a GPS for me was the best idea. I can't wait to start getting around town and playing with my new toy!

2. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5V for Josh.

Josh loves taking pictures, but hates fussing with things. So he picked out a simple, but great quality point-and-shoot digital camera. It's so tiny and easy to use, I might just have to play with it when he's at work. =) So far he loves it. He was so silly and adorable taking pictures with it all evening yesterday.

3. Nikon Coolpix P500 for Meagan.

AH! I'M SO EXCITED!!! This is my first "big" camera. And I. Am. Psyched. It's not a full-out DSLR with a fancy lens and cool flash or anything, but it's certainly a step up from the tiny, cheapo cameras I've had in the past. I'm beyond excited to learn all it's tricks so I can take awesome pictures on our honeymoon! Also, if you're wondering why I've been posting very few self-taken pictures lately, it's because I have a crap phone AND because I've been waiting for this baby. HOORAY FOR PHOTOGRAPHY!

Now if only I could convince the hubby to buy me something like these to tote around my new toy with...



Cindy P said...

The last camera bag is the one I bought to put my new video camera in! I LOVE it!

Mrs. Nix said...

What size is your video camera? I want a bag that fits my camera, Josh's camera, and our Flip video camera.

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