What I'm Loving Wednesday #1

With all this extra time on my hands after our Big Day I'm feeling adventurous...so today I'm posting TWICE! I haven't done that in quite a while, so it feels incredibly good to be able to share my thoughts with you. Also, with a new beginning after my blog break I felt like I should add in a little something new.

I've seen a LOT of What I'm Loving Wednesday around the blog world and I've always wanted to join in, but today is the day I'm actually jumping on the bandwagon! So I'm linking up with Jamie...here goes nothin'.

*I'm loving that April 10th was a gorgeous day for a vow renewal ceremony! It was supposed to rain, but it ended up being 80 degrees and breezy all day. =) All of the hard work paid off and all the little details came together beautifully. Perfect day.

*I'm loving that I now have TONS of free time with no wedding details taking up my brain space. Now to tackle packing, school, and the rest of that name-change paperwork before...

*I'm loving that Josh and I move in together in only 16 1/2 days! We're finally closing the gap and couldn't be happier. =)

*I'm loving that I can rejoin the blog-o-sphere (as Relevant Notes put it) and I can't wait to share pictures of our Big Day with you and to see what you come up with for my new name!

*I'm loving that the babies I'll be nannying for starting in July were born Tuesday, April 5th and that they and their beautiful mommy are healthy. Welcome to the world, Adam and Aidan!

So what are you loving on this beautiful spring day?

P.S. I'm also loving that my cousin (who's a photographer) took a few pictures this weekend and already has them up on Facebook! Here's a sneak peek. =)


Anonymous said...

AHHH! So pretty :)

Megan said...

YAY i'm gonna do this too! When I have time lol. Love you, miss you!

Unknown said...

awww yay!! congratulations on your vow renewal! and how exciting to be moving in together so soon! =)

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