Yes, I sound like a 14 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert when I say that, but I really don't care.

I'm busy finishing my classes early so that I can have everything done before the big move, so this morning was filled with chapter after chapter of Personal Wellness & Nutrition homework. I had just finished the last chapter (for today) when my "reward" arrived on my doorstep.

I knew exactly what it was, so I excitedly jumped (quite literally) out of my chair, bumped my toe, and ran to the front door. There it was! My exciting, healthy, chemical-free life was sitting there, waiting to be opened and adored.

So I did just that. I opened the boxes. I took everything out. I read the labels. I squealed at the fact that I could officially start my "Healthy Home Makeover." And I said (outloud), "Thank you Lord for Shaklee!"

If you can't already tell, I'm psyched that Joshua and I will finally have our own place to call home. And along with that comes the freedom to clean with whatever I want. And you know what? I want to clean with natural, chemical-free products that are not only great at doing their job, but also great for my family's health!

I've known about Shaklee for a while now, as my grandparents used to sell their products and my cousin uses them as well. But I've only recently discovered that I also have a friend that is a Shaklee distributor and that Shaklee is extremely evident and popular in the blog world! I keep seeing awesome results and hearing encouraging testimonials from people who have changed their lifestyles from "Clorox-Lysol-Bleach" to "Shaklee-izing" their homes and have noticed an incredible difference in the way they feel and their overall health.

Because of these awesome claims, I am also jumping on the Shaklee train! I just received my Get Clean Healthy Home Pack and my Cinch Whey Protein Shake Mix. All of these products that I'm starting out with are things that I've "sampled" before while I lived with my cousin (who swears by Shaklee's products). I love them all and can't wait to use them in my own home...so much so that I'm actually going to become a Shaklee distributor in the very near future (like...before we leave for our honeymoon in June). YAY!

Does anyone else have a Shaklee testimony? Interested in trying out some of Shaklee's awesome natural products?


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