"Honey, I'm Hoooome!" & A Giveaway

That's right, everyone (aka my 4 lovely readers...so far), I'm officially rejoining the blog world after a whirlwind couple of weeks and I need your help.

You see, now that Josh and I are married, we're finally able to move in together. Move-in day (all the way from Chicagoland to Northern Virginia) is April 30th and I am BEYOND excited!

But here's where I need your help. You know how my blog is called "Long-Distance Love"? Well...as of April 30th, we won't be long-distance lovers any more! So here's the challenge for you...

1. Submit your ideas for LDL's new name in the comments section below this post. I'd like to stay in keeping with the new nature of our relationship (ex. "Local Love"), so get your thinking caps on!

2. Link up to my blog on YOUR blog telling your readers all about this challenge and giveaway. I need as many ideas as possible and I'd love to see what the rest of Bloggy Land can come up with!

3. Stay tuned to see who the winner is! I'll be announcing the winner next Wednesday, April 20th.

If you submit the name I fall in love with, not only will you get recognition in a blog post flaunting my new name, but you'll also receive 3 aqua pint Ball jars, 10 vintage postcards (hand-picked just for you), and the satisfaction of knowing that your creative genes were put to good use helping another blogger. =)


I'm psyched to be able to rejoin my fellow bloggers again and I can't wait to see what you all come up with for my new name. =)


Anonymous said...

The following comment isn't an idea, so I apologize for that... but... YAYYY!!!! Haha. I'm so excited for you and for Josh. You better be posting wedding pictures at some point :)

I will be submitting ideas for a name as soon as I can think of some... I. Want. Those. Jars. The color is so perfect, and I've been looking for something similar for my window sill!

Anonymous said...

PS - I linked to you in my post today :)

Anonymous said...

I apologize for this mega-long comment.

I've been spending some time brainstorming, and I haven't come up with anything spectacular, but here are some random ideas:

Nearby Newlyweds
Together at Last
Local at Last
Just Newly Married*

*Not to be a super creeper... but I think from the letter that you sent out to your friends that your monogram is JNM**... which screams to me "do something with these letters!" Granted, I couldn't come up with anything super catchy.. but maybe you could?

**Since I've already been super creepy I might as well keep going, haha... if your last name starts with N and you don't mind sharing it on your blog (says the anonymous blogger, ha) you might be able to do something fun like N___ Nest. But then again, if your name doesn't start with an N, that would be rather unapplicable!

Cindy P said...

I know I didn't submit a name for this contest (I am not that creatively blessed) I really like Local at Last. I think it's catchy and cute!

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