The End of An Era

After a long, uneventful day at work and running errands I came home to pack, pack, pack. I turned on my Jason Aldean station on Pandora, poured myself some Stewart's Orange Cream soda, and began to pack up my old life.

I sorted through some old clothes, started building my Goodwill pile, and prayed to God that I could lose enough weight to fit into my favorite outfits from when I was skinny. But as I was taking a "soda break" I caught myself getting emotional at the sight of these.

I apologize for the poor quality of this picture, but I wanted to capture these memories while I was still in the moment and my phone was the closest camera I could reach.

The yellow canvas is from the summer of 2009. I nannied for 3 kids - Amy, Nathan, and Alexis during my last summer at my parents' house. At the end of the summer I let them all paint a canvas of anything they could imagine. But for myself, I had them each paint their hand and plant their hand-print on my board.

The heart with all of the mittens and scribbles was created by my favorite child. I know it's not good to have "favorites" and I know that Alexis is hardly a child anymore, but I don't care. She will always be that adorable, diva-licious 4 year old who quickly became "the little sister I never had." This heart was our first project together. I remember doing this on the first night I babysat for her while her parents enjoyed the night out. She acted shy, but after a few days together, we bonded and I've had the privilege of watching her grow up for the past 6 years. It's incredible how quickly they grow - bodies AND personality.

After all this time nannying for Alexis in the summers, babysitting her during the school years, and now seeing her at the gym I currently work at, I realize that this may be the end of an era. My moving to D.C. will mean that I don't randomly see people I know and love at the grocery store or at the gym. And that makes me sad, but I know that this is life. I've always known it because I got so used to moving when I was young, but after being "settled" in Illinois for the past 10 years I've made my life here and now it's hard to leave for good.

I'm probably going to cry as we're packing up the truck in 12 short days, but I've made good memories and good friends here and I can always take that satisfaction with me.


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