Blog Renovation

We're getting closer to moving day over here at Long-Distance Love (7.5 days and counting!), so it's only fitting that a name-change would also be in order. Because of this "make-over stage" in life and on the blog, I posed a contest asking my readers to offer up any creative names for the blog in exchange for a few lovely things.

Since I currently only have 6 readers I wasn't too surprised that I only got 1 (yes, one) response. My blog-friend over at Relevant Notes offered up a few ideas, but my favorite is..........


After two years of long-distance, Josh and I are FINALLY closing the gap and becoming "Local at Last," so I felt that Relevant Notes' suggestion was the right fit for this blog. I'm very excited to start flaunting my new name and I'm also psyched to send the Grand Prize to my dear friend!

A few more changes that will be popping up in the near future are some TABS! I've added a few tabs so far, such as...

*About Me
*Our Wedding
*Our Home
*Our Bucket List
*Blog Challenges
*My Amazon Store

Soon, I'll be adding a new tab labeled "Our Travels" and updating the tabs that have little (or no) information. I'm so excited for these changes and I hope you are too. =)


Faith said...

oh i love it! your new name is perfect! i am not too creative so i wouldn't have come up with a good name at all!

can't wait to see all the new changes!!!

Cait said...

aww :) love this blog girl- cant wait to see what you have next ! xo

Cindy P said...

Hurray! I'm glad you picked that name!! I have been such a delinquent blogger this week... All my photos from my wedding are on my home computer and I blog at work. I would have blogged in the evening this week but I've been super busy! Gah.

Cindy P said...

Also, I just realized I never added you to my favorite reads! Silly me. I made that before we found each other and I just never updated it. Until now! Thanks for being a favorite. =)

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