La Di Da

That is the phrase I mumble when I'm bored or have nothing else to say.

As I've said recently in previous posts, things around here are insane right now. What with school, work, planning this wedding/vow renewal/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, figuring out a moving plan, and a few family issues I just can't find the time to put together substantial blog posts.

This makes me pretty sad, for more reasons than one. For those of you that know me well, you know that I love to write and I love to share my life with others (selfish much, Meagan?). There are a lot of huge things going on right now and I wish I could share them all, but I'm overwhelmed with all of the details of my life at the moment and adding blogging to the mix is just creating a distraction from the things that absolutely MUST be done.

That being said, I'll be taking a little "blog-break" until things die down a tad. I'll still try to check in on your blogs, I just won't be posting myself. I'm predicting that things will mellow out after April 10th, so hopefully I'll be back in a few short weeks.

Until then, adios Blog Friends.



Cindy P said...

I'm gonna miss your posts! But I'm glad we're facebook friends now so we can at least keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog break and enjoy this time in life! It's exciting and you'll want to treasure each moment :) Also, I'm so embarrassed because those delicious looking mashed potatoes were from a box! We cheated- ha!

Mrs. Nix said...

Cindy, I'm glad we can keep in touch too! =)
Sarah, I will do my best to enjoy these last few weeks before our ceremony. It's stressful, but worth it. And who cares if you cheated??? Haha! They look great.

Cat said...

Hi Meagan,
Enjoy your bloggy break. I know how it is when life gets crazy! I'll be here when you get back!
Cat @ BudgetBlonde

Megan said...

Sometimes we ALL need a blog break!! That's perfectly okay, because real life has to come first!! I hope you are enjoying your break and that life is starting to slow down!!

Lisha said...

doom di doom doom doom... That's what I say when I'm bored or have nothing to say... :)

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