30DBC #27 - Pets

Excuse the terrible picture (as it was taken on my crap phone), but adore this wonderful little fishy. His name is Maxwell. My brother received him as a birthday present in July of last year, but my mother takes care of the little guy, so we consider him her pet. He's adorable and energetic and we love him. The perfect pet for those allergic to anything with fur or feathers. =)


Cindy P said...

I want a fish. Collin won't let me get one though because of the cats. =( I had one before we got married when I was still living with my parents who had 4 cats at the time and while I was at church one day one of the cats got on my dresser and knocked the plastic fish tank onto the floor which cracked it open and he ate the fish. I only know it was eaten because there was water and gravel everywhere but no Fishie... I cried. And I'm pretty sure I know which cat it was so I snubbed him for a few days. But I loved my Fishie. His name actually was Fishie, too. lol

Mrs. Nix said...

AW! That is too cute. I think if I got a fish I'd name him Fishy, too. I'd like to get one when Josh and I FINALLY move in together, but he says that fish are gross. =(

lizzie said...

aww! i have never got the whole...fish as pets thing..but you're making it sound adorable and awesome!

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