30DBC #16 - Your Dream House

Welcome to my Dream House!

Please, step into the light and airy entryway.

Would you like a snack made in my simple, yet luxurious kitchen?

Take in the view.

Wanna take a snooze in my guest bedroom slash...


Or maybe you need to use the facilities.

Feel free to enjoy the comfy sectional in our sun-filled living room!

Or maybe you'd like to check out the baby's "crib" (get it? haha!).

Cute, ain't it?

Or you could hop upstairs to our...

Luxurious, romantic, but airy attic master bedroom!

Or maybe you could admire the double sinks and spa-like decor in the master bathroom.

If you're afraid of heights, come on down to our home theater/basement!

And for those of you who enjoy laundry, feel free to fold ALL DAY in my lovely laundry room/back entrance.


Cindy P said...

OH MY WORD! I love everything about this house. But I am especially in love with the laundry room. AHH My dream!

Mrs. Nix said...

Cindy! You should TOTALLY try the 30DBC. It's so fun!

Cindy P said...

I think I might! It would give me actual things to post about everyday!

Mrs. Nix said...

That's why I started it. I had no idea what to blog about other than wedding stuff, school, and work. But this has really helped to open up my mind.

Also, Josh will be living in Single Soldier barracks until April 20-something when our housing allowance comes in.

Do you have Facebook? I feel like that might be an easier way for the two of us to communicate rather than through a slew of comments. =)

Cindy P said...

I do have facebook, it's super private though so you probably wouldn't be able to find me. Is yours easy to find? I'll go friend you.

Mrs. Nix said...
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Cindy P said...
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