La Di Da

That is the phrase I mumble when I'm bored or have nothing else to say.

As I've said recently in previous posts, things around here are insane right now. What with school, work, planning this wedding/vow renewal/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, figuring out a moving plan, and a few family issues I just can't find the time to put together substantial blog posts.

This makes me pretty sad, for more reasons than one. For those of you that know me well, you know that I love to write and I love to share my life with others (selfish much, Meagan?). There are a lot of huge things going on right now and I wish I could share them all, but I'm overwhelmed with all of the details of my life at the moment and adding blogging to the mix is just creating a distraction from the things that absolutely MUST be done.

That being said, I'll be taking a little "blog-break" until things die down a tad. I'll still try to check in on your blogs, I just won't be posting myself. I'm predicting that things will mellow out after April 10th, so hopefully I'll be back in a few short weeks.

Until then, adios Blog Friends.



30DBC #30 - A Picture

Today's the last day of the 30DBC and it's a pretty easy one. Hope you enjoyed the 30DBC!

Spring has officially sprung here in Chicagoland!

30DBC #29 - Three Wishes

Today is the second to last day of the 30 Day Blog Challenge! I kept up pretty well until the last 4 or 5 days, but I've really enjoyed digging into myself to show you who I am. =) Anyway, here's Day 29.

Wish One
I wish that life would slow down, even just a little bit, for a few days so that I could take a breath and recollect. Lately it seems as if I've been going non-stop and not taking time to enjoy what I'm doing. I've started to fall behind in one of my classes, can't keep my to-do list prioritized, and even had trouble concentrating on my friend while we were having coffee yesterday. I wish life would slow down.

Wish Two
I wish that Josh and I were able to spend our first two months as newlyweds TOGETHER. It's hard to be apart when we're married, but we've been doing this for a year and a half now, so it's not all that different. But that doesn't make it any easier to be away from My Love.

Wish Three
I wish that I had more girlfriends. In junior high and my early years of high school I had 3 super close girlfriends, but through the years we've each gone our separate ways. I saw one of my old girlfriends at my bridal shower on Monday night and we reconnected instantly. And I've made a really close friend at work, but now that I'm moving in two months it's going to be difficult to stay connected. I have a few acquaintances in D.C. (other military wives), but people come and go so often that making and keeping friends isn't really a priority for anyone. I'm hoping that will change.


30DBC #27 - Pets

Excuse the terrible picture (as it was taken on my crap phone), but adore this wonderful little fishy. His name is Maxwell. My brother received him as a birthday present in July of last year, but my mother takes care of the little guy, so we consider him her pet. He's adorable and energetic and we love him. The perfect pet for those allergic to anything with fur or feathers. =)

30DBC #28 - Something That Stresses You Out

1. Planning my own wedding (aka vow renewal ceremony).
- Examples here, here, here, and here.

2. Finding my happy weight.
- Examples here, here, and here.

P.S. I apologize for the lack of substantial posting recently, but it's crunch time around these here parts as we've only got 25 days til The Big Day! That...and I'm swamped with school, work, name-change paperwork, and figuring out a moving plan. Whew! Big stuff going on around here, but hang tight, because as soon as all this wedding planning madness is out of the way I'll be back on the Blog Train full force! =)

30DBC #25 - iPod Shuffle

Today's challenge is to put my iPod on shuffle and list the first 10 songs. This should be interesting...

1. Our Time Now - Plain White T's
2. La Traviata - Twilight Soundtrack
3. The Real Me - Natalie Grant
4. Work - Jars of Clay
5. Idioteque - Radiohead
6. The One I'm Waiting For - Relient K
7. Swim - Surfer Blood
8. Less Like Scars - Sara Groves
9. Love Is Never-Ending - Brad Paisley
10. Bang! Bang! - The Knux

It's funny because half these songs I haven't listened to since I added them to my iTunes. Haha! Oh well, it may be time to rediscover and organize my music. =)

30DBC #26 - A Picture of Your Family

I personally don't have a recent picture of my family to share with you, so today you'll just have to be satisfied with a picture from Christmas of 2007. Enjoy!


30DBC #24 - Something You've Learned

Something I've learned...

Nothing in life comes easy.
Working for what you want is the only way to truly be successful.
The best things in life aren't free.
And the best things in life aren't things.

Just a few of the important things I've learned about life thus far.


30DBC #22 and #23 - Favorite City/Favorite Vacation

I accidentally fell behind on the 30 Day Blog Challenge, so today I'm completing 2 posts.

30DBC #22 - Favorite City

The renown Chicago Theatre.
World Famous Giordano's Chicago-Style Pizza.
Chicago's Outdoor Film Festival.
The Crown Fountain at Millenium Park.
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.
Lovely Chicago Skyline.
I heart the Windy City.

30DBC #23 - Favorite Vacation
*See 30DBC #8.


Making 4 Walls Into A "Home"

As soon as all the wedding planning is complete and Josh and I are settled into our new apartment I'd like to participate in A Bowl Full of Lemon's 21 Day Organizing Challenge. I'll have quite a bit of time on my hands between May 1st (move-in day) and July 1st (first day of work), so getting our home in order will be my number one priority.

In another attempt to make our apartment our home I want to be clean and green. I want us to eat clean, clean green, and everything in between. =) To make this happen, I'd like to fill our place with Shaklee cleaning products and to shop at local farmer's markets for our produce.

Does anyone have any other tips for making an apartment "home"? Any tips for eating and cleaning in clean and green ways?

The Death of Romance

Check out this article from Yahoo. So sad. Since when did long-term relationships equal a ticket to complacency?

EDIT: Refreshingly, I found this post countering Yahoo's article on Refine Us. =)


30DBC #20 - Nicknames

Meagie Poo (Josh, Mom)
Meagie Boo (Mom)
Meagie Girl (Mom, Dad)
Meagie (Mom, Dad)
Baby Girl (Mom, Dad)
Meagerz (Lots of people)
Meag (Lots of people)
Baby Doll (Josh)

30DBC #19 - Something You Miss

My husband.
Old friends.
Grand Rapids.
My skinny self.
The Czech Republic/Poland.
High school choir with Mrs. T.
Being crazy with girlfriends.
Performing at Coffee House.
These two.
ACS Daycare.
Chicago in the summer with friends.
When she was little.
My favorite boys.
High school days.
Being surrounded by friends.

Slim-Fast {Week 1}

On Wednesday, March 2nd, my mom and I started the Slim-Fast 3.2.1 program in hopes that we'd both lose a little weight in these last 4 weeks before The Big Day. Because this is such a big deal for us "non-dieters" I thought I'd share it with you! As my mom and I stick to Slim-Fast in these next few weeks I'll give weekly updates. So here's Week 1!

{Day 1 --- 170lbs}
Today was pretty easy. I thought I'd be starving by the time lunch rolled around, but surprisingly, I was only a tad hungry. I took a speed-walk (soccer mom style) in the gorgeous weather to get moving. By the time dinner time came and went (since I can't eat at work) I was STARVING. When I got home I had half a plate of angel hair pasta with shrimp, carrots, and celery and half a plate of green beans. No cheating today = SUCCESS!

Slim Fast Creamy Chocolate shake, apple, 20 baby carrots with 2tbsp red pepper hommus, Slim Fast Chocolate Peanut Caramel meal bar, and 15 almonds.

{Day 2}
Today was a bit harder than yesterday. My body's still getting used to eating so little, so I was pretty groggy today. Hunger level during the day was about the same as yesterday, but again, dinner time was the worst. Not eating until 9pm is definitely getting to me. Tonight I had a mini meatloaf with broccoli and purple potatoes. No cheating today = SUCCESS!

Slim Fast French Vanilla shake, 7 strawberries, Slim Fast Peanut Butter Chocolate snack bar, 15 almonds, and Slim Fast Chocolate Peanut Caramel meal bar.

{Day 3}
Working at home all morning is a trap. Snacks are readily available, so keeping myself accountable was a challenge today. It was rainy outside and I was busy addressing envelopes all morning, so I didn't have a chance to exercise before work. For dinner I had the same exact meal as last night, but that's okay because it's one of my favorite home-cooked meals! No cheating today = SUCCESS!

Slim Fast French Vanilla shake, 7 strawberries, Slim Fast Double Dutch Chocolate snack bar, 15 almonds with original Babybel cheese, and Slim Fast Fruit and Yogurt meal bar.

{Day 4}
Today was just alright. I worked this morning and got VERY hungry by the time I got home, so I ate a bowl of angel hair pasta with shrimp (leftover from Day 1). Then we had company over for breakfast-for-dinner and I ate a vegetarian quiche (filled with tomatoes and spinach. yum!) and a blueberry muffin. So...I cheated a little bit, but not excessively. Small cheat today = Small success.

Slim Fast French Vanilla shake, apple, 15 almonds with original Babybel cheese, Slim Fast Double Dutch Chocolate snack bar,  and Slim Fast Fruit and Yogurt meal bar.

{Day 5}
I really wanted to cheat and eat Panda Express for lunch today as I was running errands all day, but I resisted! Yay me! I stuck to the plan today (for the most part) and had a plate of fresh roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner. No cheating today = SUCCESS!

Slim Fast Creamy Chocolate shake, 7 strawberries, 20 baby carrots with 2tbsp red pepper hommus, and 15 almonds with original Babybel cheese. I skipped the Slim Fast Chocolate Peanut Caramel meal bar and the apple today.

{Day 6}
Today it was semi-easy to stay on track with the Slim Fast plan, but the last 2 days I've actually been eating LESS than what's on the plan. Yesterday I accidentally skipped the meal bar and one snack so I told myself I'd eat them today, but running errands caused me to forget about them once again. But for dinner I had the bowl at Panda Express with fried rice and orange chicken and 2 potstickers. Semi-cheating today = Semi-Success.

Slim Fast Creamy Chocolate shake, 15 almonds with original Babybel cheese, and Slim Fast Double Dutch Chocolate snack bar. I skipped the apple and Slim Fast Chocolate Peanut Caramel meal bar today.

{Day 7 --- 166lbs}
Today was not so great for my Slim Fast plan. I did well in the morning, but after running errands I ate a plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans before work. After work tonight was bad. I had a Wendy's kids cheeseburger meal with fries and chocolate milk. Uh oh. Cheating = No Success.

Slim Fast French Vanilla shake, 15 almonds with original Babybel cheese, Slim Fast Chocolate Peanut Caramel meal bar,  and Slim Fast Double Dutch Chocolate snack bar. I skipped the apple today.



Alright ladies...I need your expertise.

I've been searching high and low for months for something to serve as an on-the-go "drop spot" for our apartment. It needs to hold keys, mail (large and small - magazines and bills), and have a noticeboard of some kind (preferably a whiteboard or cork board...or both). I'd like something that hangs on the wall, but something that belongs on a table could work fine too.

So far, the closest solutions (but definitely not close enough) are:

This one from IKEA.


This one from Pottery Barn. Also seen here.

The version that Jen from IHeart Organizing has in her home is exactly what I'm looking for, but not for the price that Pottery Barn offers it at. Does anyone have any solutions they love?


30DBC #18 - Something You Regret

There is only one thing from my 20 years of life that I regret and I'd rather not share. It's one of those shameful things. One of those instances where I should have used my brain rather than my emotions to make my decision. One of those decisions that, short term was exciting, but in the long term it hurt not only me, but others as well. One of those choices that required (and is still requiring) forgiveness, patience, understanding, love, and grace to heal.

One thing that I can say for sure is that I believe that everything happens for a reason. This happened so that I would learn what true forgiveness and love are and to value my relationships. I don't normally believe in "regrets" because of my "it happens for a reason" philosophy, but in this one instance regret is the only acceptable word.

30DBC #17 - Something You're Looking Forward To

1. Living with my best friend/husband/entertainment-for-life. Move in day is April 30th!
2. Nannying for a wonderful couple and their twin newborn baby boys. First day of work is July 1st!
3. Eventually becoming a mommy and parenting with my amazing hubby. 
4. Eventually owning our own place that we can paint, remodel, and decorate as we see fit.
5. Growing old with the goofiest, most patient, most loyal, and most loving man I have ever met.
6. Wedding planning being over with.
7. Our honeymoon in Oahu, Hawaii!!! Can't wait til June!

I just wanna brag...

...about how incredibly blessed I am to be stuck with this goofball for the rest of my life. I love him.


30DBC #16 - Your Dream House

Welcome to my Dream House!

Please, step into the light and airy entryway.

Would you like a snack made in my simple, yet luxurious kitchen?

Take in the view.

Wanna take a snooze in my guest bedroom slash...


Or maybe you need to use the facilities.

Feel free to enjoy the comfy sectional in our sun-filled living room!

Or maybe you'd like to check out the baby's "crib" (get it? haha!).

Cute, ain't it?

Or you could hop upstairs to our...

Luxurious, romantic, but airy attic master bedroom!

Or maybe you could admire the double sinks and spa-like decor in the master bathroom.

If you're afraid of heights, come on down to our home theater/basement!

And for those of you who enjoy laundry, feel free to fold ALL DAY in my lovely laundry room/back entrance.