For as long as I can remember I've been a bargain hunter. My mom taught me early on that very few things were worth their full price and that "couponing" and searching the clearance racks were just as good as buying things for the full price. I caught on pretty quick and over the years I've accumulated many garage sale finds and clearance rack bargains.

But only recently have a truly gotten into "thrifting." I've avoided thrift stores (until now) for one reason; If I go in, I'll come out spending more than I can afford and that kind of defeats the purpose of thrifting in the first place. You see, I'm kind of an impulsive shopper. I'm not the type of person who sees a beautiful, $100 chest of drawers at Thrift and Dollar and says, "Let me sleep on it." No. I'm the type of girl who sees what she loves and has to take it home. That. Day.

That's why it was extremely helpful to drag my parents along this weekend to a hotel closing sale and Thrift and Dollar. If it weren't for them, I think I might have brought home an entire apartments worth of stuff I don't need. Thankfully though, the only things I came home with were two lamps (from the hotel closing sale) and a simple tray coffee table (from T&D). All need a bit of TLC and I'm excited to get working on them once the weather gets a tad warmer, but I'm happy with my purchases.

I purchased each lamp for $10, in perfect working condition, for a total of $20. I'm going to spray paint them a sort of ceramic white/off-white color and add a light (possibly lime?) green shade to each.

I bought the tray coffee table at Thrift and Dollar (a local thrift store with tons of great finds) for $35. I probably could have paid less for it, but I was so in love and just ready to get home after a long day of wandering warehouses that I paid what the tag asked for. I'm going to sand and prime the table and paint it a deep espresso color, on the verge of being completely black. And once we pop it into our new place in May I hope to top it off with a cute bowl and some travel books.

When the weather gets warmer and I finally get my hands on these babies, I'll be sure to show off the results. =) Stay tuned!


Cindy P said...

I LOVE thrift stores and bargain hunting. When Collin and I actually have a need for something or some extra money we love to go yard saling. There was one year, I think 2009, that we went every single weekend! It is so much fun! And of course we don't always buy stuff, but it's neat to see what's available.

Mrs. Nix said...

I totally agree! My mom and I used to go garage-saling every weekend during the summer. And in my little town they have a "Garage Sale Festival" where everyone takes one weekend during the end of July to set up shop in their yards. So fun! I know I'm weird, but I love it. =)

Cindy P said...

No, it's not weird! Or if it is I'm weird, too! Because I also love it!

Mrs. Nix said...

Maybe we can make being addicted to garage sales and thrifting popular like the guys over at Young House Love. ;)

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