Three Things

1. When I went out to get the mail today I didn't even have to wear a coat. It's like 45 degrees today!!! And a bonus...the warm, sunny weather is getting rid of most of the snow we got in our great Midwest Blizzard a few weeks ago.

 The view of the backyard from the kitchen.

2. When I brought said mail inside I noticed our first two RSVPs!!! And they were both YES!!! Hip hip hooray!!! (I apologize for the excessive exclamation points. I'm just so psyched!)

3. Does anyone else systematically load their dishwasher? I'm very OCD/efficiency-minded about how I do my chores, and loading the dishwasher is no exception.

P.S. I wish this was my dishwasher and that those were my dishes, but I actually found the image here.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this warm weather too... crossing my fingers that it'll stay this way??

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