Seven Things Award!

I've officially been tagged for the "Seven Things Award" by my friend over at Relevant Notes!

I've seen many people participate, but this is the first time I'm being "awarded" and it makes me feel very special. =)

Here are the rules.
1. Thank the blog-friend who awarded you. Thanks Relevant Notes!!!
2. List seven random facts about yourself.

  • My brother and I are both adopted, from different biological parents. I was adopted when I was 3 months old and met my biological mother last year. Such a sweet, loving, and godly woman. 
  • I have ALWAYS wanted to get a tattoo, but even the slightest bit of pain freaks me out. Also, the thought of something permanent being stuck in my body also irks me quite a bit as I'm kind of a naturalist and a perfectionist. I like having a blank canvas. 
  • I'm a tad OCD (if you couldn't tell by the last fact). I wash dishes a certain way, fold laundry a certain way, write a certain way, grocery shop a certain way, and do just about everything a certain way. If it's not done to my satisfaction, I start over. I know. I'm a weirdo. 
  • I HATE HATE HATE long-distance and can't wait to be married to my best friend and actually live in the same apartment together! I know some things will get old (like his refusal to wash dishes or even USE dishes), but the fact that I can come home to him every night makes me extremely happy. Wow. It doesn't even seem real. 
  • Banana freeze-pops are my favorite. And the blue ones. I can't eat any other kind.
  • I'm kind of a tomboy. Pink has never been my favorite color. It's always been blues and greens for this girl. I would much rather get muddy playing in puddles than at a spa. And I loved playing catch with my dad. I had dolls, but never played with them (much to my mother's dismay). The girliest thing I ever did as a child was paint my fingernails (which would then chip because I couldn't keep from biting them).
  • I have a very wide musical horizon. I love pretty much everything, except screamo crap. My favorites are country and indie tunes. 
3. Award 15 other bloggers! Here goes...


Newlywed Next Door said...

Awww thanks for the shoutout! :)

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

what a great award, thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award! You're a sweetheart! Love your facts! I bet you can't wait to be married and not long-distance! I remember those days!

Cindy P said...

Thanks for the award!! I appreciate being thought of! I'm glad we're blog friends!

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