Bucket List

A while back, when Josh and I first starting discussing marriage and where we'd like our lives to go, we drafted a Bucket List together. At first it started out with easy things like "Host Thanksgiving at our place" or "See Niagara Falls," but as we got more into it and added things in the weeks to come it became this sort of lifelong goal list. It was more than just a list of dreams or trips we might take. It had morphed into our predicted way of life.

I haven't looked at the list in a few months (9, to be more exact), but today I came across a site called TimeToast.com and thought it'd be a good idea to break out the ol' Bucket List. You see, TimeToast is a website where you can create your own timeline. Timelines for savings, timelines for trips, timelines for baby-making, timelines for finishing school...you name it. I think implementing our Bucket List into it will make completing our Bucket List more of a GOAL than just a dream or lofty idea. Check out TimeToast for yourself and let me know you're thoughts. =)

But, without further ado, Josh and Meagan's Bucket List!

Take a cooking class together
Make Josh breakfast in bed
Learn to cook/bake regularly
Host a housewarming party
Host Thanksgiving at our place
No more “mismatched bachelor pad” furniture

Find and keep a “happy weight”
Take a yoga class
Exercise daily and generally eat healthy
Donate blood or plasma
Learn CPR/First Aid

Find a solid church home and attend regularly
Complete a Bible reading program
Actively pray for and with Josh and our marriage
Sponsor a child through Compassion International
Participate in Feed My Starving Children
Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Build up a travel fund
Build up a baby fund
Build up a 6 month emergency fund
Buy a brand new car
Meet with a financial planner annually
Write a will and living will
Obtain life insurance
Buy and personalize a condo or townhouse
Buy a DSLR camera and video camera  (pt. 2 completed 1/29/11)
Have ZERO debt (other than a mortgage)

Go on a hot air balloon ride
Shoot a gun at a shooting range
Babysit together
Take a bartending class
Go to a concert together
Get a couples’ massage
Attend a Bears game
Pick apples in an orchard
Fox’s paintball together
See Cirque du Soleil
Go to the circus
Take a road-trip (more than a weekend)
Anonymously buy dinner for a couple in love
Learn a foreign language (German or Cesky)
Go skinny dipping
Do a boudoir photo shoot
Learn to drive a stick shift
Visit The Minister’s Treehouse in Crossville, TN

Spend New Years Eve in Times Square (NYC)
Alaskan cruise
Rent a lake house
Take a weekend camping trip
Mardi Gras (New Orleans, LA)
Niagara Falls (Canada)
Lake Tahoe (California/Nevada)
Tour of Europe
Spend a weekend in a treehouse hotel

Put all photos/memories in frames, albums, and shadowboxes
Read a book each month
Get a professional wedding album
DIY at least 5 things for our home

So...that's our Bucket List. Do you have a Bucket List? Care to share a few of your own life goals?


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Hey! Hope things are going well. I linked to you in my post today, you should take a look :)

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