30DBC #3- Your First Love

My first TRUE love was definitely Joshua.

I had thought I loved other guys I'd dated, and even told one I loved him, but I didn't truly understand what love was until I was sitting in the uncomfortable seats in the terminal after my first trip to D.C. to visit Josh.

We'd only been "officially dating" for about 3 months when I took my first trip out east with my mom to spend a weekend galavanting around our nation's capitol with my new boy toy. We were there for 4 days and saw most of the major things there are to see in D.C.: the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial, the Iwo Jima Memorial, a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and so much more. My honey even planned a nice dinner for just the two of us on our last night together and it has since become our favorite place to dine.

In Chinatown on Day 1.

My best friend, even then. Don't mind the goofy hood.

I love his kisses.

How I knew we were meant to be. =)

My mother goofing off at the American Art Museum.

Yes, he's grabbing my boob. In public. In a picture my mother was taking.

I knew I had fallen hard for this man (cuz he sure ain't no boy!), but I could never have prepared myself for that hour in the terminal at the Dulles International Airport.

There I sat, with my 2 carry-ons, a book, and my mother...surrounded by hundreds of bustling travelers...bawling my eyes out. That's when I knew I loved him. And that's when I knew I could never love any other man. It hurt me so much to leave him after that first trip and it's hurt me every time since, but I always know I'll have my dear, sweet, silly Joshua waiting for me the next time I step off the plane in Virginia.


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