30DBC #8 - A Place You've Traveled To

New York City - Spring Break 2008

On our way!

Can't travel without a AAA tourbook!

Greatest Greek food I've ever had! Eat here!

Sunrise from the Empire State Building.

Familia on top of the Empire State Building.

NBC Studios.

Back when we were obsessed with The Office.


Eat breakfast here!

The gorgeous Cherry Lane Theatre!

The Universal Soldier.

Lady Liberty!

Ground Zero.

Best touristy trip inside the United States BY FAR. If you've never been here as an adult, GO!


Cindy P said...

I love that Apple store. I have some fun pictures in front of it. I want to go back to NYC. I've been 3 times since being an adult but I didn't really explore more than 5th Avenue and Central Park. lol It's a shame, but granted I was only there for 5 hours the first time, to see an opera the second, and for the day the third. I need to go back for multiple days. =)

Mrs. Nix said...

I love New York! Josh has never been so we're planning on taking a 4 day weekend trip up there this fall. =)

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