Wedding Planning Madness

Whew! Since Josh proposed a little over a week ago things have been CRAZY around here! Not the bad, mad-scientist versus Godzilla crazy, but the we're-getting-married-in-less-than-5-months crazy!

Last Thursday, my mom and I had an appointment at David's Bridal to try on wedding dresses. We went in thinking that I'd just try a few on, not find "The One", and make appointments at other bridal shops to accomplish the goal. I tried on about 10 dresses altogether. Towards the end of our appointment I was in love with "The Dress" so much so that I didn't even have to beg my mother to buy it right then and there. She just pulled out some moola, paid for it, and we took the dress home THAT DAY. *le sigh* It's so tempting not to try it on every day, but occasionally I unzip the bag just to get a peek of the beauty. I wish I could post a picture, but I know that someone periodically checks up on the blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise. Anyway, that's Wedding Adventure Numero Uno.

Wedding Adventure Numero Dos? Well, I collect antique blue Ball mason jars. I think they're absolutely gorgeous, and since I love them so much, they'll be used as our centerpieces! I'm psyched about this, just so you know. I love these jars, but they're a little expensive, so I didn't have too many just lying around (maybe about 15?), so I hopped on Etsy to see what I could find. After searching for juuuust the right ones I found a few listings of the jars I needed and blew about $250 on about 30 of these lovelies.

Photo from Etsy seller snydershomestead.

Wedding Adventure Numero Tres was finding a location that had openings for such a last-minute wedding. More on the last-minute-ness later. But thankfully we found a beautiful, helpful, flexible location that has 2 openings...the exact 2 dates Josh and I were hoping for! How perfect is that? 
Mill Creek Golf Club in Geneva, Illinois is a great balance of charm and affordability and the event coordinator, Nichole, is absolutely amazing. She's been awesome about the date flexibility and when I leave messages for her she responds within the hour. That's pretty awesome if you ask me! I'm all about great customer service. Anywho, we'll be putting a deposit down by THIS THURSDAY!

Next on the list (as if you haven't had enough of my excitement), is our photographer. A few years back a friend of mine got married and when I saw her wedding pictures online I knew that when I got married I just had to have this guy. The photos were gorgeous and you would never be able to tell that that was his first time shooting  a wedding! He also did the photography for a  wedding I was just in earlier this summer (I recommended him to my friend without ever meeting him), and he made everyone so relaxed. He was funny and had this great way of making sure everyone was comfortable and not stiff for the pictures. That's a characteristic every photographer should have. Ever since, I've been in love. I just called (and emailed) him today, so hopefully we'll hear back from him soon. Wanna fall for his work as hard as I did? His name's Tim Tabailloux of Tim Tab Studios in Wheaton, Illinois. 

That's all of the major progress for now, but I've got a few more big things to get done within the next few weeks. Florist, hair/make-up, cake baker, buying more decorations, bridal party stuff, etc. I'll keep you updated (as if you'd die if you didn't know what was going on). But for now, on to more wedding planning! 


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of using those jars!

Mrs. Nix said...

Thanks! I've been wanting to use them for FOREVER and as I read up on Ruffled, Style Me Pretty, and other wedding blogs I realized how much of a hit they've been lately. Woo!

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