New Year, New Life

As you know (if you've read the past few posts), Josh and I are tying the knot in April! We are beyond ecstatic and can't wait to start our new life together. Getting married is a big life change, but that's only the tip of the iceberg for me/us/him this year.

1. We're getting married.
2. I'm moving from Chicagoland to D.C. Metro-land (aka "my whole life will be uprooted").
3. We're moving in together.
4. I'll (hopefully) be starting 2 part-time jobs to start paying off student loans.
5. Josh will start applying for colleges at the end of the summer.


I can't even wrap my mind around all of this yet. I'm pretty used to moving around, so that shouldn't be a huge deal, but this time I'll be moving into my own apartment with my own HUSBAND! It'll be our home, albeit, temporary. And I'm used to working my booty off to pay bills, but running around an unfamiliar city alone kinda freaks me out a wee bit. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it, but at the moment, I'll confess, I'm a scaredy-pants.

Although we've got plenty of major changes and transitions headed our way, I'm still determined to throw in some "New Year's Resolutions", if that's what you'd call them. They're not too insane, but they're goals I'd like to accomplish for my own benefit and the benefit of others. Here goes nothin'!

1. Lose 20 pounds by our June honeymoon, another 20 by Christmas 2011, and keep them off!
When Josh and I met, I weighed 40 pounds less than I do currently. I'm not saying that my excuses are valid, but what with moving out of my parents house, working 3 jobs, going to school, traveling monthly, and moving back into my parents house all in a year and a half, I'd say my stress levels definitely reflected in my weight gain. Not good.

So how do I plan to lose those 40 pounds? Right now, my plan is pretty simple. I got the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred DVD and a pair of 2lb weights for Christmas and have realized that doing the workouts every day hurts my body too much (as of right now), so I've decided to alternate days.
M,W,F - 30DS
T,Th,S - 20 minutes on the elliptical
As far as eating healthy goes...well, considering the fact that I'm flat broke and currently living with my parents, eating healthy/buying healthy foods isn't really that easy, so I'll do what I can until I get my own place with Josh. Then we can cook "clean" for ourselves!

2. Cook at least one new recipe every week!
Now, for some of you domestic divas this may seem like a cinch. But for someone like me who pops a frozen skillet bag meal on the stove and calls it dinner, this might be a challenge. As with Goal #1, living in my parents' house might make this a little difficult (since my mother is practically a 5-Star chef and controls the kitchen), but I assure you, as soon as Josh and I get our own place I'll be experimenting with the stove every now and again. And I'm sure he'll appreciate having someone with time to make dinner!

3. Revamp my wardrobe!
If you know me, you know that my clothes are kind of "blah." I work at a fitness center where my uniform is a t-shirt, sweats, and tennis shoes and I wear my hair in a ponytail about 5 times a week. Needless to say, I need a change. Especially if I wanna look HOT for my soon-to-be-hubby! He works hard all day with people wearing digi-print ACUs. The man deserves to come home to a loving woman who cares enough about him and herself to put on a little make-up and a cute sweater.

4. Be more adventurous!
After years of feeling "safe" in the realms of child care and education-land, I'm ready to move on. Marriage will be a giant adventure in and of itself, but I want even more. The last true adventure that I had was in between my sophomore and junior years of high school: I traveled to the Czech Republic with a group from my church to teach English and it was the most amazing experience on earth. I want to go completely out of my comfort zone. I want to learn D.C. like the back of my hand and feel confident going places alone. I want to learn to build a bookshelf or a bed or something. I want to go rock-climbing (for real, not the indoor junk). I want to...I don't know! I just want to enjoy life for more than just going to movies and taking care of children and sitting on the couch. Give me some ideas!


Anonymous said...

Great resolutions!! Congratulations on getting engaged and good luck with wedding planning! And getting together sounds great- just send me an email when you get here an we'll grab some coffee!

Mrs. Nix said...

Thanks so much!
And coffee sounds great. I'll shoot you a note when I finally settle in.

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