Love/Hate Relationship...So Far

For Christmas I asked for the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred DVD and a pair of hand weights. Obviously, as my fiance is so good at keeping me accountable, Josh gifted them to me! I was psyched to receive them, but only did the workout once between Christmas day and January 8th. FAIL.

So in order to accomplish my New Year, New Life Goal #1, I've decided to rehash my workout plan for myself you as a reminder. Here we go!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: 20 minutes on the elliptical

And along with my daily workouts, I'm going to attempt to eat cleaner. Less preservatives, more real food. Less eating out, more cooking healthy at home.

So far, as I've "re-started" my cleaner, leaner 2011 plan (just this morning) I'm doing well! I successfully  completed Level 1 of 30DS and I only cussed out Jillian once! The first time I attempted 30DS I couldn't make it all the way through and I got so angry at Jillian that I literally turned off the TV. No joke. So today was quite the accomplishment for me!

The workout is awesome, but it is an ass-kicker (and you do some literal ass-kicking in the DVD. See for yourself)! She really means it when she says that the results don't just get handed to you. It's tough, but totally worth it to push yourself through the full 20 minutes.

But in order to keep myself on track (lose 20 by June, another 20 by December), I need YOUR help to stay accountable. Any one interested in doing 30 Day Shred with me? I plan on going longer than 30 days, but you can join in and do as much as you'd like. If not, what are your workouts like?


Bogie said...

When school starts again on Thursday, I'll be doing 50 sit-ups a morning holding a 30 pound weight behind my head. Helps with the stomach (not that I have much of one) but it's something I did two summers ago and really benefited from so I want to keep doing it.

I'm thinking about doing something with the 30 pounds for my arms... not sure what exercise to do tough.

- andrew

Mrs. Nix said...

Working out feels GOOOOOOD! But it takes a lot to get me to work out. Haha.

Cindy P said...

I love your comment! I'm glad to know that I have a new bloggie friend, too! I think it's fun that we have a lot in common. Where in Northern VA are you moving? And what day is your wedding? I know you said late April in one of your posts, I'm just curious cause we got married April 24, 2010. =) Even more we have in common!

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