Big Questions

Since our engagement over Christmas, many people have been congratulating Josh and I. It's so wonderful to be encouraged with hugs and kisses and "Let me see the ring"s. I've kind of just been soaking it all in amidst the behind-the-scenes craziness.

But there's one thing that's been hard to explain and difficult to ignore. Josh and I are having a very short engagement. We just got engaged on Christmas Day and we're tying the knot at the end of April of this year. Many people have expressed their disagreement, given quizzical looks, and asked "Why so soon?", so I thought I'd explain here.

No, Josh did not knock me up. No, we're not getting married for the military benefits. No, we're not "rushing into this" because we're immature teenagers who think marriage is more money, rainbows, and butterflies.

Being long-distance sucks. Plain and simple. And after bawling my eyes out every time one of us drops the other off at the airport, not knowing when we'll see each other again, we're both ready to close the gap. It's just time. For anyone who's ever been in a long-distance relationship like ours (800+ miles apart, military, college, various jobs, pricey plane tickets) you'll understand that being long-distance for a year seems like two. I know that many people may not understand our take on things, but we need encouragement and support as we take this next step in our relationship. We're doing our best to be gracious and patient with those who disagree with our time-line, but sometimes it's easier when you have positive reinforcement from those close to you (and even not so close).

Josh and I have known for a while now that marriage is the next step in our relationship. Not only because it would close the 800 mile gap between us, but because we know each other inside and out and yet, we still love each other. Marriage is the next step because we've been through rough spots and have come out of them as better people and a stronger couple. Marriage is the next step because we know what it means to work at keeping our relationship strong. Marriage is the next step because, after all we've put each other through, we're still 1,000% dedicated to loving each other and getting to know each other more and more every day.

We can't wait to start this new chapter of our relationship and we appreciate all the encouragement and support we've received thus far.

To close off this post, I'd like to ask for encouragement and wisdom as Josh and I venture into this totally new and unpredictable time in our lives. What has helped your marriage thrive? What have you learned about being married that you never understood before being married? Any tidbits of wisdom are appreciated!


Nikki said...

Welcome to the bloggy world!!

I just recently married into the military and while it can be difficult and hard at times, I wouldnt trade it for the world. Communication and trust is KEY. Faith and commitment.

Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

Mrs. Nix said...

Thanks so much, Nikki! And I am so prepared for this military life, it's not even funny. Josh has been awesome at teaching me how stuff works since we've been together, so I understand most things as well as he does now. I'm sure marriage will be much different, but at least I've got a starting point. =)

Also, I stopped by your blog. So cute! And Natalia is adorable. Congratulations on getting married!

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