Thanksgiving Update!

I know, I know. Bad me. I said I'd give an update on how my Thanksgiving break went and I haven't really had the time...until now! So here goes.

This year for Thanksgiving break, I flew to D.C. to spend an ENTIRE WEEK with The Boyfriend! Yes, I know I seem way to excited about this, but when you live 800 miles apart and your man's in the military and you're in college and working part-time...a week together is a HUGE deal. It was absolutely amazing. Incredible. Awesome. Indescribable. Here's the breakdown:

Monday: Arrive in D.C. and spend the night chilling with The Boyfriend at our friends' home in Fairfax.

Tuesday: Spend the day at our friends' home doing homework, while everyone else is on post or working. When My Man gets back for the night, head out to our other friends' apartment to watch The Hangover and eat delicious pumpkin cheesecake with them. Head back to Fairfax (where we stayed the entire week) to hit the hay.

Our friends' dog, Mack. He looks little here, but he's about the size of a miniature pony!

Wednesday: Head to post with The Boyfriend (at 0430, mind you) so that we can do some grocery shopping after he finishes PT. Then back to our friends' home in Fairfax to cuddle on the couch and watch movies all day. For dinner, hittin' up Carlyle in Shirlington for The Boyfriend's birthday! Scrumptious!

 Enjoying lobster bisque, caesar salad, jambalaya, and pecan crusted trout at Carlyle!

 About to indulge in a delicious banana pudding (his favorite) in honor of The Boyfriend's birthday.

Thursday: Thanksgiving dinner at My Soldier's platoon sergeant's home in Woodbridge. A few other guys from their platoon were also there. Ate a delicious meal and watched football until we were too anxious to get back to Fairfax and cuddle (yes, we love cuddling).

Friday: Chill on the couch watching movies and awesome TV shows (like Ice Road Truckers) all day.

Saturday: Rinse and repeat Friday's agenda.

Sunday: Clean up the house, do some laundry, eat up the rest of the food, pack up, cuddle until the cows come home.

Monday: Sneak into The Boyfriend's barracks while he works, finish up some homework until he can take me to the airport. Head to the airport, fly through security (good job BWI!), and cry. Cry a LOT. Almost all the way back to Chicago.

In short, we cuddled a lot, ate great food, spent time with good friends, and may or may not have enjoyed house/dog-sitting for our friends (the doggies/horses drool EVERYWHERE and bark all night long, but they're cute). It might seem like a boring, everyday experience for most, but for couples who are long-distance, those little moments mean the most. Lounging around in our PJs together isn't something we get to do often, so we took advantage and loved every last second of our lazy week. It's incredibly hard to leave after such an amazing week. But I can't wait to seem him again in only 2 weeks! We've truly been blessed with the amount of time we've been able to spend together in the past few months. Last second work trips, extra leave, and time off of work = 4 visits in 3 months! How lucky can one girl get?


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