Peace on Earth

Today was a rough day. Nothing terribly bad happened in my little Meagan-sphere, but many small things got on my nerves today and a few big things really got to me.

Let's start small and work our way up, shall we?
Last night, Josh and I both fell asleep while we were talking on Skype, so when Josh woke up at 0530, so did I from the sounds of him getting ready. It was great to get to see him in the morning and we even talked for about 5 minutes before he headed out the door and I fell back asleep. Because I got a good dose of love first thing and because today was the last day of the semester, I thought today would be easy-going. But when I walked into the bathroom (that I share with my younger brother) to get ready for the day, I realized the floor was flooded near the base of the shower. Someone had forgotten to keep the curtain inside the shower and water was everywhere. My brother has had this problem before and in the past, the water had leaked all the way through the floor and through the kitchen ceiling. So, just to be safe, I ran down to the kitchen and lo and behold...water. Dripping from the ceiling onto the kitchen table. Wonderful.

After mopping up the bathroom, dabbing off the ceiling, and getting ready for school I headed out the door. And since today was the last day of the semester our campus bookstore was hosting a "Book Buyback" where you can sell all your old textbooks back to the school for a little cash. I was really looking forward to getting about $100 for my old books, so as soon as I parked on campus I headed for the bookstore. I waited in line for 45 minutes behind everyone else selling books back, watching as each person received cash (in hand, mind you) as easy as 1, 2, 3. But as soon as I got up to the counter, the woman behind the counter said, "I'm sorry, but your books are a semester too old and we won't be using them next semester, so we can't take them." I was more than bummed. Almost pissed.

Then I headed to class, got my grade for the semester (not too shabby, but could have done better), and headed off to work to pick up my paycheck so I could do a little Christmas shopping before my laser appointment (more on that at later date) and work. I deposited my check, withdrew a few bucks for gas, and headed to my doctor's office. My appointment was supposed to be for 1130, but apparently everyone was on their lunch break while I sat in the waiting room for 20 minutes without hearing or seeing one person. Then, when they finally did bring me in for my appointment (which is supposed to take 30 minutes if they're thorough), the woman in charge of my appointment rushed to get my treatment finished, barely even doing anything,  and basically pushed me out the door. I'm sorry, but you are the one who was late for my appointment and my parents are paying you thousands of dollars to do my treatment correctly and thoroughly so that I get the results I was promised and you're slacking!

After my less than satisfactory appointment, I headed off to Nordstrom Rack to find a watch for Josh's Christmas present. He's the kind of person who likes to know what he's getting ahead of time, so I sent him pictures of watches I thought he would like. And of course, he didn't like them. So I drove over to the mall to see if I could find anything for Josh, my parents, and his parents there. I walked through almost every single store. No such luck. So I plopped down with some Panda Express and ate my feelings.

Then I ran home, got dressed for work, and headed out the door. Now, I know it's probably not right to dish about work on the internet (much less a personal blog), but tonight was kind of frustrating. I felt like I was the only one actively working; picking up toys, keeping an eye on the kids, greeting parents, etc. But that was only part of it.

While at work, I found out 2 things.
1. Josh was driving a 20-pack (a 20 passenger bus) full of soldiers on post in the nasty, slippery, icy conditions and lost control of the vehicle. The bus hit an industrial dumpster and one window shattered, as well as his pride. As a driver, and as a man, he was responsible for the safety of the others on the bus as well as the vehicle itself. Thankfully, no one was hurt physically, but things like that really take a toll on a man when they're responsible for others.

and 2. One of the men in Josh's barracks committed suicide this morning. I can't give details, but this really brought to light how precious life is. When Josh told me the news I was dumbfounded that this had happened in such a close vicinity to him and I was heartbroken for this man's family. I cannot imagine spending the Christmas season mourning over a loved one.

Those 2 incidents really made all of the other "bad" things that had happened to me today seem miniscule, and they are. Realizing how quickly life passes, whether planned or unplanned, reminded me that my "bad" day wasn't really all that bad. I was reminded to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I am alive. I have a home. I have heat. I have food. I have a job. I have a loving family. I have a man that loves me. I am part of 70% of the richest population in the world. I have a fantastic education. I am alive.

And as I walked out of work tonight, I realized what inner-peace really is. It was eerily quiet, there was a gentle snow falling, and it glittered like the fake snow you see in movies. It was beautiful, and instead of being frustrated that it would take me longer to heat up my car, take me longer to scrape the windshield, and take me longer to get home, I just let the beauty of life sink in and I stood outside my car and let the snow fall. I let it fall in my hair. I let it cover my car. And I let it remind me that today was a good day.

 Glittery snow is the best kind.


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