Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

As time goes on and as our relationship grows deeper and stronger, it's become much harder for me to be separated from Josh. Loving and growing together from 800 miles is no easy feat and I am thankful that God gave me such a patient and understanding man to encourage me when waiting has me at wits end.
But no matter how encouraging and how supportive Josh may be, the time in between visits seems to drag on and on.
Lately, I've had an even tougher time surviving the days, weeks, and months in between visits. This fall, we were blessed enough to be able to see each other 5 times between August and November, but for some reason, I still was not satisfied. In the early months of our relationship, we often went 2 months without being together (in proximity) and it was hard. But as our love has grown, so has my impatience. I love Josh so much that even being away from him for a week has me crying into a pillow. How did this happen? When did I go from being strong and able to get through months without holding his hand to weak and falling apart as soon as we hit the "one week apart" mark?
I've realized that absence does, in fact, make the heart grow fonder. But it also makes the girlfriend go crazy! I mean, it's hard enough to do long-distance, but when your man is also in the military and working a backwards schedule and your free time never matches up for a phone call or a Skype date, it's hard to say that your heart is  growing fonder. Instead, I think I'm growing weaker. My love for him is so strong and I long to hear his voice so much, that when we have to go weeks at a time without Skyping (yes, I made that word up) I find myself in tears after getting home from a long day of school and work and not being able to call him because I know he has to be up by 0430 for PT.
I miss him terribly. But I've found something that helps me focus on the love we have instead of the time apart is sending Josh little "love texts" telling him how much I appreciate him or detailing all of the adventures we'll have when we see each other again. They look a little something like this, "Thank you for working so hard even though you're having a rough day," or "I'm so excited to see the lights in Chicago with you!" So simple, and yet, he always responds with something along the lines of "I can't wait to kiss you under those Chicago lights!" or "I do it all so I can take leave to see my beautiful girlfriend." It's incredible how much joy a simple text can bring when you choose to focus on the good and leave the bad at the door.

After my little rant, I'll leave you with what I believe to be the most romantic long-distance quote in the history of man.
John Newton, the author of Amazing Grace, wrote a letter to his wife of 35 years while she was away visiting a sick relative. In the letter, he talked of how nothing had changed at home and how thankful he is that they are both alive and well. And in closing, he wrote,
"I am too fully employed to feel time hang heavy upon my hands in your absence; and, if I am permitted to come to you, the thoughts of the journey's end will make the journey pleasant."


Anonymous said...

Ahhh way to make me tear up in the library! Long distance sucks. After doing it for over four years, I probably should be able to come up with something a little more eloquent than that, but it seriously has me way too cranky at the moment. I do agree with you about cute little texts, though, I don't know how I'd survive without them!

Chunky Knubby Navel said...

Unfortunately, I can relate. I didn't have to wait months like you, but even three weeks between visits was too long. I'm married to the man now, but he works in one city and I go to school in another...so I still only see him a couple days a week. Being married and never seeing your husband is the worst! Hang in there!


Mrs. Nix said...

Thanks, Whitney! I'm definitely trying. He actually comes home in just 2 days, so I'm psyched. I can't imagine being married and long-distance though! Good luck to you.

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