Our Love Story, Part IV

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Although my new friend had gone home, I couldn't stop thinking about him the next day. I found myself creeping looking at his pictures on Facebook and contemplating breaking things off with my current man. But I'm too much of a wimp, so I couldn't bring myself to actually do anything. 

But later that afternoon, this new guy I'd fallen for sent me a text asking if I was free. Of course I said "YES!" And the next thing I knew, he shows up at my house and we spend the night talking and walking around my neighborhood until the sun goes down. 

There was one point in particular when we stopped on a corner and he looked down at me (he's 6'2" and I'm 5'4") and I thought I wouldn't be able to control myself anymore. He was so charming and had a lot to say. However, I was a big girl and knew my limits. I kept my hands and lips to myself and we kept on walking back towards my house. 

When we arrived back at our starting point he thanked me for a great time (all we did was walk around the neighborhood...?) and gave me the most gentle, but most protective hug I've ever received. I was so tempted not to let go. And so was he. I could tell by the way he kept holding me and by the way he said "I wish I didn't have to go back to D.C. tomorrow." At that moment, my heart shattered. In all this time we'd spent together over the past two days, I'd forgotten about the fact that he had a home far away from where we were. 

But he left my house that night, and flew 800 miles back to D.C. the next morning. There was nothing I could do. I figured I should just let him go and enjoy the memories. I thought I'd never see or hear from him again.  


Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

aaahhh! Okay, I almost freaked out because I was afraid there wasn't a part 5. I searched your archives and found it in December. So I'm on to read that now :)


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