Our Love Story, Part III

After deciding to let him drive, we headed off to Meijer so we could pick up a few energy drinks, singing all the way there. I normally don't get that comfortable with anyone the first time I hang out with them, but I just felt so safe and free with him. It was awesome. When we arrived at the store, we got our drinks then wandered around for a while and ended up leaving with the movie 1941. He asked if I'd seen it and was appalled when I told him no. So, of course, we just haaaaaad to watch it. However, heading back to his parents' house to watch this amaaaaazing movie we had quite the relationship-altering experience.

As we were about 3 minutes away from his parents' house we approached an intersection with stop signs on the east and west corners and yeild signs on the north and south corners. It was about midnight, pitch black, and there were very few cars on the street. There was one car driving in front of us (we were on the "yeild" corner) and just as they were passing through the intersection we saw this speeding white blur t-bone their car! My new friend immediately slammed on the brakes, put the car in park, and we both hopped out to help the people in this shocking accident. Thankfully, the driver and her passenger were completely unharmed (thank the LORD!), just extremely shaken and their vehicle was obviously totaled. We helped them out of their car and pushed it off to the side of the road, just in case. Then we called the police. This was definitely not a situation one just walks away from.

After making sure the t-boned drivers were alright, we tried to help the driver of the vehicle that had run the stop sign, but her passenger refused. He yelled at both of us to get away and yelled at the woman to keep her mouth shut and stay in the car. My new friend and I tried to calm them, but they were obviously so intoxicated that there was no reasoning with them. Eventually the police showed up and asked my friend and I to stick around as witnesses, so we stood there next to one another in utter disbelief at what we had just witnessed. What an adventure this night was becoming!

After about an hour at the scene we were dismissed and headed back to my friend's parents' house to FINALLY watch this movie. We went up to his sister's old room, the only room with a TV and DVD player...but it was also only equipped with one twin sized bed. Hm...So we sat down next to each other and starting watching 1941, definitely feeling the chemistry, doing our best to resist a steamy make-out session. Thankfully, we were interrupted by my mom's desperate plea for me to come home (she's a worrier when I'm out too late), so we grabbed the movie and headed on our way back to my house.

But when we got back to my place, we totally scrapped watching 1941 and opted for a more creative, edgy film and popped in Across The Universe. Um...fail. We didn't even end up watching it! We actually spent the entire night, and part of the morning just talking. It was incredible. We had so much in common, but also so many things unique to ourselves. Definitely the best conversation I've ever had in my entire life. But my current boyfriend didn't feel the same way. At about 3am he texted me asking if this guy had gone home and if we had a good time and I had to admit that he was still at my place and we were having a great conversation. This definitely upset said boyfriend (I'm sure he sensed the chemistry), and I decided to respect him and send my new friend home.

What a crazy, adventurous, tempting, caring, incredible man! What is a woman to do?

Stay tuned next Wednesday for Part IV of Our Love Story...


Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

what a scary accident. So glad they were all okay.

oh my gosh! I totally thought you were going to say that you scrapped the movie and just made out! lol! But that wouldn't have been good considering you still had the other boyfriend.

Now I'm on to Part 4

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