Our Love Story, Part II

*Affectionate Sigh* Where were we? =) Ah, yes. The obstacles keeping me from this extremely handsome man...

1. I currently had a boyfriend (but our relationship was already going downhill).
and 2. This "new guy" lived 800 miles away. SO SCARY!

Considering those factors, I kind of just let myself "window shop" while we were at the Bible study, knowing that I'd probably never see this guy again. Everyone else would be hanging out after the study was over, but my boyfriend and I were headed to his parents' lake house for 4th of July weekend and were leaving immediately after. So I spent the weekend with my boyfriend and his family in Wisconsin and had an a-okay time, but as soon as I came home (my boyfriend had stayed back in WI with his familia) I couldn't stop thinking about this "other guy."
A sunset, viewed from the dock at the lake house. 

Ironically, my boyfriend suggested that I "get to know a few of his friends", so I took the opportunity and added the Army stud on Facebook. We got to talking and realized that both of us were bored out of our minds as everyone else was still on vacation for the holiday weekend. So I texted my boyfriend, explained the situation, and he agreed that I should invite this guy to hang out as a nice gesture. Now, this wasn't unusual for me since I try to be a very social person and I had a load of male friends in high school, so none of us thought anything of it. Little did we know how crazy this entire situation would turn out.

So...I asked my new Batman-loving friend (remember the t-shirt) if he'd like to go see Transformers 2. I thought, "It's a neutral, non-date movie so we should be good, right?" But theeeeeen I find out that he's never been to Red Robin! *gasp!* This was unacceptable, so we planned on meeting at Red Robin, which was conveniently located next to the movie theater, and then see Transformers 2. Everything was going just I had planned; totally neutral, no romance, just friends...until he called me while I was on my way and asked what he should wear. WHAT? Who does that? He was asking me, "Batman t-shirt or American Eagle t-shirt? Vans or tennis shoes? Hat or no hat?" I couldn't stop giggling while he was bombarding me with all these decisions! It was just too adorable. It was a sign that he wanted to look good when I saw him. ;) 

I arrived at Red Robin and waited for him out front, trying not to get nervous. This wasn't a first date, after all. We were just friends who had nothing to do and wanted to catch a good movie, right? Or so we thought. But when he showed up we awkwardly said hello then headed inside. As we ate our dinner, the conversation got lighter and less awkward and when the bill came we each agreed to pay our own halves, seeing as this was NOT A DATE, then we walked over to the movie theater and paid in the same fashion.
During the entire movie I could sense that he was trying not to look at me. You know that little out-of-the-corner-of-your-eye glance? Yeah...I could feel it. And I was trying to do the same. There was definitely chemistry and it was red-hot. No denying it. However, being mature almost-adults with self-control, we kept our hands to ourselves because neither of us are cheaters (remember my boyfriend...yeah) or instigators. So we finished the movie, recapped about the parts we liked and the ridiculous acting by Megan Fox, and started heading back to our cars. I was ready to say goodnight when he asked if I'd like to keep hanging out because he "wasn't tired just yet" and I happily obliged.

Stay tuned for Part III of Our Love Story to be posted later tonight...


Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

wow. you are a naughty girl, Meagan. so hilarious. I'm glad I've never been in this situation! I haven't had enough boyfriends to be in this situation, lol!

I'm excited to see what happens next :)


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