My day today...

...was pretty good, for the most part.

0730: Hit the snooze button on my Samsung Intensity II.

0800: Wake up and groggily walk from the spare room (where I sleep) to my actual bedroom to get dressed and brush my hair. No shower today because I decided to hit the snooooooze.

0810: Brush my teeth, use the loo, and wash my face.

0815: Head downstairs to the kitchen, gawk at the mess of dishes that need to be washed, make myself a Goober sandwich for breakfast and taquitos to take with me for lunch, and pack my too-heavy-for-my-achey-back book bag.

0835: Head out the door to my lovely school, Waubonsee Community College.

0915: Attend my Sociology class. Today's subject was on intersexuality, babies born with both male and female genitalia. I won't get into our discussion, but it was interesting.

1045: Head out of class and run into my Monday/Wednesday friend, Kyle. We meet every M/W after class to catch up for a minute. He's pretty awesome and one of my only friends from high school that I still keep in touch with.

1100: Hop in the car, drive to the opposite side of campus, eat my taquitos, and head to my next class (early, I might add) to finish up some homework.

1130: Get a call from a local fitness center letting me know that I GOT THE JOB!!! I'll be working in their child care. PERFECTION. Now I can work with kiddos (which I love) and get a free gym membership! 

1230: Attend my College Studies Class (total bull, but actually kind of helpful).

1345: Head out to pick up a grill from someone on FreeCycle! The boyfriend has been wanting one for some time now, so I snatched one up for FREE!

1500: Laze around the house for a while. Chillaxin'. Camping out on the computer.

1700: Whip up some sloppy joes for myself and the fam, only to find out that the fam isn't going to be home for dinner. Something about mom and brother going to church like they do every Wednesday night. Totally forgot about that. And dad's outta town for work...so I ate alone and watched When In Rome. Super cute! Laughed a lot.

1930: Head to the dreaded basement and streeeeeetch before jumping on the elliptical for 20 minutes while watching one of my FAVORITE shows, House Hunters. Then added in a few crunches and (girl) push-ups.

2000: Hop in a nice, cool shower to unwind and then jump right out of said shower due to SPIDERS EVERYWHERE (there were about 3, but whatever). Have brother kill the nasties and run to the bedroom where I sleep (I've got 2 rooms, remember?).

2020: Finish up this blog post, check Facebook, and head to bed.


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