Music Review Monday Kick-off

Today's the first day of my new "editorial calendar", so please bear with me as I find my blogging style here. Here goes nothin'...

Weekly Fave

I've recently been addicted to The Band Perry . Now, they're country...(yes, I know, not everyone's cup of tea), but they've got such a unique sound. They're Alabama-raised siblings, Kimberly, Neil, and Reid Perry. Labeled as "country" but with a much more pop-ish feel, I'd say they're creating something of themselves beyond a particular genre of music. The tunes are catchy and the lyrics are cutesy, but somewhat weak. However, I find myself tapping my foot and singing along with every word. Feel free to take a listen here. My current favorite of theirs is "If I Die Young."

Weekly Abomination
Miley. Cyrus. Disgusts me. I mean, how in the world do you go from adorable role model for pre-tween girls to a complete musical failure who dresses like a slut? Excuse my language, but I think we all know its true. Having worked at a daycare and nannying for Miley's previous demographic, it kills me to see how she's "re-created" herself. Since when is it okay for a 17 year old to only wear underwear and a tank top and display it for the world to see? I used to be supportive of Hannah Montana, and even Miley Cyrus when she first dropped her Disney character, but now she's gone too far for my liking. Her lyrics (and videos) are tasteless and show a complete LACK of maturity, the exact opposite of what she was going for. Watch her most recent body-flaunt here...just be sure your kids aren't watching.

*Photos courtesy of Gossip Teen and Grand Ole Opry.


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