Square One

Well, hello there!

You've officially entered the realm of young love and thrifty adventures. I know you're probably thinking to yourselves, "Greaaaat, another blog about two people in love who want to document their lives for the whole world to read." And you might be right, but I'm hoping to build this blog into something much, much more than that.

Here on Long-Distance Love you can walk with me as I journey through life. You'll find recipes, tips on maintaining a healthy long-distance-relationship (or LDR), travel resources, DIY projects that I'm working on, the never-ending battle with finding a "happy weight," and so much more! 

Let's start building, shall we?

First things first. Who are these Long-Distance Lovers?

Meet Me (The Girlfriend)
 I'm currently going to school to earn a degree in Travel and Tourism and am in love with the Czech Republic. I also love butterflies, dark chocolate Lindt truffles, lighthouses,
photography of all sorts, country music, giggly babies, worshiping the Lord through music, trying 
new foods, and exploring new places with the man of my dreams (who you will meet.....NOW)!

Meet Him (The Boyfriend)
Now here is the man I'll be posting about pretty often. The Boyfriend is in the U.S. Army and stationed in Virginia. He's extremely supportive, loving, laid-back, and funny. He truly is my better half.

Currently, The Boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. After going to school in Michigan for a year I've moved back into my parents' house in Illinois (where he and I are both from), while he's stationed all the way in Virginia. Needless to say, we do quite a bit of traveling between the Midwest and the East Coast and it tends to get expensive, so we have to get creative if we want to spend some quality time together. Thankfully though, this weekend The Boyfriend is on what's called a TDY, or temporary duty. TDYs are essentially just overnight missions. And this weekend, his TDY is bringing him all the way to Lafayette, Indiana!!! That means I can meet up with him without having to pay for a plane ticket! Yipee! 

Anyway, after all this excitement I'm a little worn out, so I guess it's time for bed. But be sure to check in next week for a few posts all about my favorite tips for saving on airfare!